FAQ - GYST Software

Why would an artist need this software?

GYSTBasic and especially GYSTPro are vital tools for every artist from the student to the seasoned professional.  Our GYST software keeps you organized and on track to a productive and sustainable studio practice.  Some software programs out there are made with only a gallery in mind.  We at GYST celebrate all art and all artists who make it.  Meaning, no matter if you are a painter, a sculptor, a social practitioner, video artist, performance artist, or any other art discipline, we've got  you covered. 

How can I see what the GYST software does?

We have descriptions on the Software Page on the GYST website, but the best way to try it out is to download the FREE 30 day trial.

Be sure to download the security settings link before downloading software as computers now make it difficult for third party vendors to install software.

Do I need to register the GYST software to use it as a trial?

You do not need to register to use the software for the 30 day trial. You will have access to the entire program for the duration of the 30 day trial. Once you purchase it, you will get a code which will unlock the version you are working on so you will not loose the information you have added so far.

Can I use GYST software on multiple computers?

Yes and no.  Currently, you can only have one account (registration code) with one computer.  However, we recommend using services like Dropbox if you work on and access files on a home computer and a studio computer.  Many of our participating artists, GYST Team members included, use Dropbox with their GYST software.  Just open and close your GYST software database in a Dropbox folder and the files will be there wherever you need to access them.

Do you have GYST software for mobile devices?  What about cloud-based software?

Not at this time.  We are currently working on a new campaign to launch GYST to our next big phase which will include both mobile and cloud-based GYST software. Please have patience and check back with us often because we are planning some really cool things to come.  

I have GYST software.  I also have artist family and friends that are interested in buying it as well.  Is there a referral/incentive program?

Yup.  We want all artists to get their sh*t together.  We offer referral and bulk discounts on all of our GYST products and services.  Email us at service@gyst-ink.com and we can work with you on hooking everybody up with all things GYST.

I know you have two software options, GYSTBasic and GYSTPro.  Do I really need GYSTPro?

At GYST, we are artists just like you.  We also hate buying things we really don't need.  We wanted to make it really simple for all artists:  GYSTBasic is exactly that.  Basic.  It's all that you need when you are just starting out.  Maybe you are an art student or maybe you decided to quit your job to pursue your art career. Either way, GYSTBasic is for you.

Now, that being said, GYSTPro is everything you need to get started AND everything you need to thrive as a productive studio artist.  We don't believe in up-selling you on products but we do believe in up-selling YOU!  We hope that one day (or that day has come) you will need every bell and whistle in GYSTPro.  Many people prepare for potential difficult times but never prepare for potential success.  Your art career could take off and you will have to keep track of every exhibition, loan, grant, and condition report.  Therefore, be prepared for everything in your professional art career now.

If I buy GYSTBasic and outgrow the program, can I upgrade to GYSTPro? 

Of course.  Just visit the GYST product page to purchase the GYSTPro upgrade.  It's a breeze.  You can find the MAC or PC versions here:

How long has GYST-INK been in business? Will there be software support in the future?

We've been helping artists get their sh*t together since 2001.  We have so much more great work to do to make life better for artists everywhere.  We aren't going anywhere.  We have provided customer and technical support for this long and we won't give up now.  Plus we also have a GYST community forum to ask fellow GYSTers questions about our products and about the art world.  Like you, we are artists.  We are apart of a community.

What are the minimum requirements for GYST software (PC)?

  • Pentium III 500 MHz or faster
  • 256 MB RAM
  • Windows 2000 SP4, Windows XP SP2
  • Hard disk with at least 25 MG of free space
  • CD or DVD drive
  • QuickTime 6.4 to 7 software (available at http://www.apple.com if it was not included with your Mac OS)
  • SVGA (800 x 600) or higher resolution monitor

 What are the minimum requirements for GYST software (Mac)?

  • Macintosh computer with PowerPC G3, G4, or G5 processor or Intel-based Macintosh computer
  • 256 MB RAM
  • OS X version 10.4 with PowerPC processor
  • OS X version 10.4.5 with PowerPC processor or Intel processor
  • Hard disk with at least 25 MG of free space
  • CD or DVD drive
  • QuickTime 6.4 to 7 software (available at http://www.apple.com if it was not included with your Mac OS)
  • For macs with operating systems older than 10.6 please email us at service@gyst-ink.com.

Can I make suggestions to improve the software? 

Of course, your suggestions are always welcome!  Previous GYST updates have been the result of great feedback from artists using our software. Please send your suggestions to service@gyst-ink.com.  

How do I upgrade my current GYST Software to the newest GYSTPro version? 

Upgrading from GYST 3.0 can be done yourself. Before installing the new software, be sure to use the back up button. Once you install the new sofware, you can import all that information into your new software.

Here's how:

GYSTPro 4.0 is now available for download from our software page. Just click on the big TRY button and download the full version of 4.0. Here are the detailed upgrade instructions:

1.  Go to our website at www.gyst-ink.com, click on the TRY button.  Navigate in the GYST Store to the platform you use, mac or pc, and download the trial (try button).  Once you have done that, install it. 

2.  Open the gyst application 4.0 and register it with your current registration number for 3.2. (For older users, please email us at service@gyst-ink.com with the first and last name you use as an artist and we will send you a new registration code).

3.  IMPORTANT: Make sure that you have backed up up your 3.0/3.2/3.5 database under admin/security, or you will not be able to import from the previous version into the new version.

4.  Then in GYSTPro 4.0 go to Admin>Security and click import from previous version.  Select 3.0/3.2/3.5 and click import.  It should import all your information to 4.0.  Be sure to transfer over your images and other folders from the old gyst to the new gyst folder to the new folders in 4.0.

Are there bulk discounts for schools or organizations?

Yes, you can become a GYST Affiliate and you will get a customized coupon code for each of your students for $30 off the total price of the GYSTPro Software.

If you purchase in bulk, we will set up an account for a discount to purchase for your students or group/organization.  Please email us for more details.

I might be having security issues with my computer and the GYST Software, what do I do? 

Download the GYST Security Settings here. Both Mac and PC now have stringent security settings for software they don't make themselves. You may need to set this up on your computer before downloading and installing GYST. Attached here is a pdf with those instructions. You may get messages that caution you about the download, but we have scanned all our downloads and they are virus free.

My computer is telling me that the GYST software download has a virus.  What do I do?

PC's in particular always say this or similar types of warnings when a file from a third party vendor (GYST) is being downloaded. Our files have been scanned for virus and other issues. Our files are safe to download.

In what database language is our GYST Software written?

Our GYST software is written on a File Maker Pro platform.  We do this in order to change the software to the diverse needs and desires of all artists, not just one artist with one discipline. We also wrote the GYST software on this platform to also allow your data to have some breathing room so you can import and export freely.

Can I import and export my contact data to and from GYST Software?

Totally.  You can import your database from another format/platform to GYST software.  You can also export out your database in the event you want to move to another program, keep a paper trail, or other flexible options,  

Why does the button labeled Print Artwork Inventory not working?

The button will not print your artwork inventory unless you have images in the artwork layout. Go to the artwork inventory and add images to each artwork.

Can I export from the GYST software?

Yes, you can export in multiple ways and in multiple platforms. For those of you who use Excel, Excel does not support images.

Can I import information from another kind of software into GYST?

Yes, if you can export from the software you currently use, you can import the data into the GYST software. If the fields don't match, you can temporarly import the information into another field such as notes, until you can add it elsewhere.

Does GYST Software support RAW files?

Raw files are usually too large that if you import them in a database (any database), it may slow down the program. Therefore, we recommend that you scale your file down to a more manageable format. 

You should always keep RAW files that you will use for your work in the provided "Images" File, inside the GYST Folder.  This is saved in an area that does not effect the performance of the GYST database.  We recommend that you create a smaller resolution (low-res) file for use in the database. That way you can always find the RAW files, but the database will only use the low-res files. There are multiple folders in the "Images" Folder and you can create as many of those folders as you need to find things.


Since mac contacts or address book (old name) is in a format which does not automatically export to GYST, you need to download a file that will translate the contacts into an importable form. You can download it HERE.


On a Mac, open your Applications folder. Then open the GYSTPro or GYSTBasic folder. Double click on the app icon to open GYST. For mac user, we suggest you drag it onto the dock in order to have easy access for starting up. 

On a PC, open your Programs Folder, then open the GYSTPro or GYSTBasic folder. Open the app icon, or .exe file to get started. GYST will automatically install a startup file if you request it.


GYST (version#).app (.exe for PC) Double click this to open your GYST software 

Extensions Folder 

GYST Documentation Folder: Has three manuals for how to use GYST.

GYST Documents Folder: This is for any documents such as contracts etc. you need to keep.

GYST Graphics Folder: This is for your logo and any other graphics you may need. 

GYST Images Folder: This is to store both your hi-res and lo-res images. 

GYST Back_up: This is where the backup files are stored when you backup every time you close GYST. 

GYST.gyt (for mac) 

GYST.gst (for PC) 

what does gyst back up and where? How do i back up my files?

It is recommended that you use the backup button at the end of every session in case of computer failure due to electrical issues etc. Should something happen to the file itself the data can be retrieved from the backup files into a new file. Every time you close the software, a dialog box will come up to remind you.

If you do not use this button, be warned that you may lose all your data should something happen to your computer or your file. 

Important: In addition to backing up your software to the GYST Backup folder, back up your GYST program to a back up drive. Once a year, burn the GYST software and all its files to a DVD. Rent a safety deposit box and keep the DVD in that box in case there is a disaster or you lose your computer. This way you will never lose your archives. 

If you ever have to reinstall the software you can then import the backed up data by clicking the Restore from back-up button and following the instructions by selecting the back up files inside the original Backup folder inside the old GYST folder. Then import the information to a new file. 

Note: In order to restore from backup, you must have the 

GYST file in the same folder as the backup, or older GYST soft-ware file. 

what is a database?

A database is a method of organizing and analyzing information. You’ve probably used several databases recently with-out realizing it. A date book, a parts list, and even your own address book are databases. 

Storing information in a database file has many benefits. A database doesn’t just hold information—it helps you organize and analyze the information in different ways. For ex-ample, databases allow you to group information for reports, sort information for mailing labels, count your inventory, or find a particular invoice. 

Computerized databases offer many additional advantages over their paper-based counterparts: speed, reliability, precision, and the ability to automate many repetitive tasks. 

A database file is organized into one or more tables. Tables store records. Each record is a collection of fields. 

Imagine your address book is a GYST database file. Each listing in your address book is one record in an Address Book table. Each record has information, such as name, address, city, and so on. Each of these pieces of information—name, address, and city—is stored in a separate field. 

GYST displays fields on layouts. Each layout is based on a single table, and displays records from that table. 

Imagine that your database has a Artwork Inventory table in addition to the Contacts table. A layout based on the Con-tents table will display fields and records from the Contacts table. A layout based on the Artwork Inventory table will dis-play fields and records from the Art Inventory table. 

how does gyst save my information? do i need to hit save all the time?

Unlike most word processing or spreadsheet programs, 

GYST saves your work automatically. Consequently, it’s important to carefully consider your actions when making sweeping changes to your files, especially when deleting records. Once records are deleted, they are completely re-moved from your database. 

You should back up your files on a regular basis. Backups can save you many hours of unnecessary work and worry in the event that your files become lost or damaged, or records are inadvertently deleted. We recommend that you get in the habit of backing up after every session. 

what are gyst modes?

You work with data in GYST in Browse, Find, or Preview mode. 

You have different menu and toolbar options in each mode, so choose a mode after deciding what work you need to do. You can choose a mode from the View menu or from the mode pop-up menu at the bottom of the document window. Mode pop-up menu (located at the bottom of the window on the left) 

If you’re working with a database and can’t find the command needed, you may be using the wrong mode. (It’s also possible that your access privileges may prohibit you from using the command.) 

Browse Mode

Work with the data in a file. You can add, view, change, sort, omit (hide), and delete records. Browse mode is where you’ll do most of your work, like data entry. For more information, see Adding and viewing data and Finding, sorting, and re-placing data. 

Find Mode

Search for particular records that match a set of criteria. You can then work with this subset of your records, called the found set. After a group of records is found, GYST returns to Browse mode so you can begin working with them. For more information, see Finding records. 

Preview Mode

See how data in forms or reports will look before you print. 

Preview mode is especially useful for viewing layouts with multiple columns (like mailing labels) and reports with summaries. For more information, see Previewing data on a layout. 

where are menu commands in gyst?

There are a variety of ways to access menu commands in 

GYST. You can access menu commands by: 

• choosing them from the menu bar or the top navigation menu

• pressing a keyboard shortcut 

• clicking a tool on a toolbar 

• selecting them from shortcut menus 

Important: Your menu choices will be dimmed if your access privileges for the layout are limited. 

how do i quit gyst?

GYST saves changes to open files whenever you quit the application. 

To quit GYST: 

Under the Tabs Menu, click on Sign Off. 

OR, at the top menu, choose GYSTPro or GYSTBasic and use the dropdown menu and select Quit.

Important: Make sure you’re shutting down your computer properly using the method specified by your computer and operating system. (See your computer and operating system documentation for details.) If you turn off your computer improperly (such as unplugging it) while GYST is running and a file is open, you may damage the file.