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Written expressly for visual artists, the dynamic GYST software is a highly efficient platform available for both Mac and PC  that houses all of the art business related paperwork and educational needs for artists.

Written by and for any and every visual artists, GYSTBasic and GYSTPro are database programs to help artists keep track of their artwork, business aspects, proposals, mailing lists, etc. They also include tons of information on every aspect of an artists' career, including links and resources for additional perspectives on business aspects of the arts, and over 400 pages of vital information for artists.

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SECURITY SETTING FOR YOUR COMPUTER: Newer computers often block third party software, so we have created a PDF on how to set up your security settings before you download and install GYST. You can get the PDF HERE

WARNING: GYSTPro does not work on High Sierra OS for Mac. We are working to fix this. So keep your old OS.

Unavailable Temporarily

Unavailable Temporarily

GYSTBasic is for those artists who do not need all the bells and whistles of GYSTPro. You can compare Basic and Pro on our website below. 

GYSTBasic version that has less features than our robust GYSTPro program.  Perfect for those artists just starting out who still want to keep track of all their artwork but don't have to keep track of all the art business stuff just yet.  Great for high school and college students.

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Add To Cart

GYSTPro is a database program that helps artists keep track of their careers, cataloging artwork, sales, proposals, mailing lists, etc. It also includes tons of information about every business issue an artist needs to know. At only $129, GYSTPro is the most comprehensive & affordable business software available today. 


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Yeah, go ahead.  Take it for a spin.  You can use our full GYST software completely free for 30 days.  If you have any questions, feel free to contact us or poke around the GYST forum.  If you are satisfied with the program, you can register at anytime. IMPORTANT SECURITY SETTINGS: Newer computers often block third party software, so you will need to set up your security settings before downloading and installing the software. We have created a handy PDF that will walk you through the process. You can download it HERE.

WARNING: GYSTPro does not work on High Sierra OS for Mac. We are working to fix this. So keep your old OS.

Need an Upgrade?

Do you have GYSTBasic software and you are ready to upgrade to the latest GYSTPro?   Or do you have an older version of GYSTPro and want to be up-to-date?  Check out all of the software updates to find the right one for you.

Why GYST Software?

For Artists.

For Schools.

For Organizations.

It's never too late to get organized and sharpen your art business skills! The GYST software is for emerging and established artists alike who are eager to dump the endless stacks of paper for powerful database program. Spend more time making your artwork and less time looking for that missing file, or rewriting that lost artist statement. Jump right in! 

You can download GYSTBasic or GYSTPro for a 30 day trial.  See what they can do for your studio practice.

Are you interesting in discount and bulk pricing for your school, organization, or non-profit?  Well then, check out our GYST Affiliate Program.

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