Check Out What People are Saying About GYST.

“It is essential that art students be prepared for the realities of life after graduation,” says CalArts President Steven Lavine. “Nationally, no one is doing this better than Karen Atkinson with the professional practice classes that she teaches at CalArts and now with this new version of crucial software for the working artist.” 

- S. Lavine, President of CalArts


"Karen was great! I love that she is candid and knowledgeable of the art world. She helped me hone-in on my focus and got my wheels turning. I would highly recommend GYST services."

-Erin S.


"In 2015, GYST was the most wonderful addition to my life and my art. Thank you for creating this superb software - a gift to young artists as they start out, and a life-saver for old artists with shaggy records."

-Amanda D

"I just wanted to let you know that I use your GYST resources in the "Artist Thesis" course I teach in the MART program at Drury University. I also really appreciate your discussion about "Hybrid Artists" and also just saw that you were Board President of NAAO. That's super interesting to me in relation to the work I have been doing with Temporary Art Review."

-Sarrita H.

"Karen, Thank you SOOOOOOOOO  much!!  You gave me such excellent, knowledgeable, practical suggestions on all of my questions that I can move ahead confidently.   Not only did you provide actionable steps to work on, I actually now have a terrific suggestion for a new work opportunity that I completely didn't expect.  : )"

-Marilyn A.

"Great product and great people!"

-Sharon S.

"Thanks for making such an awesome (and not crazy expensive!) product! I'll definitely mention it to other artists I talk to."

-Rich T.

"I'm enjoying my software and think it's great a company works by and for the artist."

-Carolyn B.

"Alfred University just purchased the GYST book for our art career resources library. Thanks for putting out such a great product!" 


"It's the workshop you wish everyone got before applying for anything - grant, exhibition, festival, job, school. Great entry level guidelines to live by. Also, the workshop folks are promoting the notion of the hybrid artist which is also good. I'm so glad they're doing it." 

                                                                                                                                                           - Workshop participant 

"Just watched your Ted talk on vertical vs. horizontal artist. You are doing artists a huge service. Nice to hear someone finally really giving us (artists) what we need and becoming a palatable front runner singing the song of change to boot. Grew-up an artist/creative-in-business/wife/mom's clothing, which, finally has put me in a position to start singing the same song and made me able to use my artistic talent in multiple ways for something that will hopefully support the wave of chance that seems to be in the cultural air too. Will be an interesting trajectory, and a lively discussion to be a part of. Thank you for sharing your resources." 

- Elizabeth

"Now that I’ve had time to peruse the software I wanted to mention that I’m really impressed! The additional information provided in the resources section is tremendous. I’m new to the art industry and the learning curve is daunting. The resources and tips you’ve provided will save many years and costly mistakes along the way.  Many thanks!"    

                                                                                                                                                       - Michelle

"I found your website from Reddit's ArtSphere and have already shared it with my animator comrades on Facebook. It's a great resource, and something I wish I would've had years ago! Thank you for taking the time to create such a thoughtful website for us freelancers and artists. :)"                                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                                          - Jesse

"I did the GYST Workshop in Glendale in the summer of 2009. I returned to Europe and did an MA at Central Saint Martins (London). I have just received a Fulbright Grant to come back to the USA for a PhD in Visual Arts. This means I will be able to spent 4 or 5 years of my life doing something I love! So I want to say a big thank you, really, really big thank you. When I signed up for the GYST workshop I had no idea it was going to change my life, or the way I think and plan my career, present and future."

 - Inês C. 

"I use the first edition [GYST Artist Manual] in my class, "Business Practices for Fine Artists at RIT, and now I can't wait to what is in the new book!"                                                                                                        

                                                                                                                                                                         - A

"It's a great program and seems to be the best out of the ones I've been looking at. I can tell it's made by artists who understand what we need."

- J

"I love GYST and am so appreciative of the work you put into developing it."

- Carolyn

"For years, I have tried to keep tack of my photo sales. I try and track different sizes, types, and editions, not to mention buyers and galleries. I have not found a method I liked, including an amazingly expensive and way too complicated museum system. I have notebooks, files, looseleaf binders, and lists on my computer that are spread all over the place. GYST has been the answer to my dreams. It is so user-friendly and intuitive, especially for people like me who are terrible instruction readers. It ranks at the top of my "more bang for the buck" software. Thank You!"

 - AJ

"Every artist I know who has purchased or even reviewed GYST software has been blown away. Cal Arts and other art schools should add $ to each tuition fee and give GYST software as a gift to each graduating senior. It would be money well spent."

 - Judith Luther Wilder Co-Founder, Center for Cultural Innovation, 


 "As a former employee of GYST-Ink, the GYST software and class dramatically changed the way I approached the business end of my art practice. It's now a matter of how my business is running, which brings a level of practicality to an arbitrary and often subjective art world. This software is essential for any artists seeking out organization skills and art business knowledge from the often mysterious art world."

- Bari Ziperstein

"Thank you very much for your quick and thorough review of my letter of intent. I truly appreciate your detailed feedback. It has helped me tremendously. With your assistance I was better able to clarify and articulate my artistic visions which will increase my chances of getting into graduate school. I have told my previous college professors and my friends who are applying to art graduate school about your website and services. Emerging and professional artists alike will benifit from your services and expertise! I only wish I had discovered your web-site earlier! I wish you and your company great success!"

 - Angela Grass

GYST software helped me organize and produce a large and complex project, which brought me greater visibility and support, ultimately making me a stronger candidate for receiving a prominent grant,” said Mann, one of four L.A. emerging artists to receive a $15,000 fellowship from the California Community Foundation last July.  

- E. M.

"I went to the Gyst artist statement seminar expecting some vague, general advice about the process. Instead, I got the decoder ring for artist statements and immediate, personal and specific editing. Tucker was extremely generous with his time and expertise. It is rare to meet a person so altruistic with their knowledge. Tucker is a natural teacher; he understands his subject well enough to make it extremely accessible to others. I am grateful".

- A. Bouse

"Thanks for developing this program by the way, I have told my friends about it and encouraged them to get it too. I had an idea to do this as well with filemaker but I am not a computer person, so it stalled. When my friend CW told me about it, I was stunned. This is what I was looking for. I have 46 years of work to archive. Seems daunting right now, but hope the asst. will make it easier. Thanks for your help." 

- C.A.

"Over the holiday, I went over the GYST (Getting Your Sh*t Together) software. I found it to be a good s/w application to get yourself organized and to art-business forms and grantsmanship resources, and a lot of special areas to get-business done for artists or galleries. Step by step GYST is worth the money/purchase for serious galleries and artists. Seriously, I think some of us could use GYST when its time to go and hit the art world. At lease artist/gallery business would stick to the wall. So, to speak--try it."

 - Network Aztlan, Art Monitors

"This class was personally useful for me as a "re-emerging" artist. This class has helped motivate me tremendously to re-claim my career as an artist. I also made a few friends and contacts that i hope to spend time with discussing work and going to shows. I miss that, and realize how crucial it is for practicing artists."

M. Y.

I really appreciated the frankness of how Karen Atkinson ‘cuts to the chase.’ After listening to my fellow classmates, it was clear that the average artists doesn’t know much about the business side of art. All in all, I’m a smarter artist and now, I’m mentoring my mentor – go figure!

- N. H.

"I was surprised at how many students were people that had been in the art world for quite some time! I was expecting more recent MFA grads like myself. My expectations about Karen were more than fulfilled. She is an incredibly generous (and gregarious) teacher. I was expecting her to be a 'pro,' and boy... is she ever! I can't say enough positive things about this class and all its practical, business knowledge that every artist needs to know. Karen just RULES! She is funny, approachable, immensely
knowledgeable, and a great artist in her own right."

A. C.

"The value is worth WAY MORE than the tuition."

John B.

My expectations were totally surpassed! Overall, I think GYST really boosted my confidence levels and directed me towards figuring out what is best for me. Glad I did this, because I think I'll be a better artist because of it.

- J. F.

"In a relatively short amount of time, Karen presented a wealth of information in an engaging and entertaining manner. Having taken similar classes, I was impressed by the PROFESSIONAL as opposed the COMMERCIAL presentation. Karen's attitude towards the art world was very refreshing and (for me) helpful. She took away a lot of the annoying mystery fostered by many "art people." 

- T. C.

"It was a lot of information! I have SO much to do... but I am so incredibly grateful to know what needs to be done. It is no longer a mystery. I have nothing critical to say. I feel so lucky to have had this opportunity. I can't think of any way to make it better. Just keep doing it! Get Your SH*T Together rocks!"

 - A. J.