FAQ - GYST Publications

What is difference between the GYST artists manual and the GYST teaching manual?

GYST offers two great manuals for artists, art professionals, and art educators. Getting Your Sh*t Together: The Ultimate Business Manual for Every Practicing Artist (red cover) is an artists manual that covers every kind of artist in every stage of their career from art school hunting to retirement/estate planning. Many art world self-help books out there simply state "I have a gallery, so can you."  Although we understand the importance and vital role commercial galleries play in our art communities, we also value every opportunity and alternative open to a practicing artist.  

Getting Your Sh*t Together: A Manual for Teaching Professional Practices to Artists (white cover), contains everything in our artists manual but it also has a full syllabus, assignments, lesson plans, and other essentials to teach professional practices (the business of art) to art students.  We've been doing this for a long time now... we were one of the first to teach this material at a college level.  Todays universities and art schools are making these courses apart of their permanent curriculum.  The GYST team wants you to know this information too.  We want you to be more hirable and therefore a better and more successful hybrid artist!  This is literally the entire course bound in a book.

Do you sell GYST publications on your website?

Yes, we have our own dedicated GYST store on gist-ink.com.  Click on the button below to visit our publication page for more information and links to purchase.

Where else do you sell your publications?

We sell our GYST publications on Amazon and various amazing brick and mortar locations throughout the United States.  You can visit our publication page to see where you can pick up a copy.  

Can I recommend a bookstore for your publications?

Sure!  We would love to hear where you think our books should be sold. Recommendations can be sent to service@gyst-ink.com. We also have an affiliates program for bulk discounts and other perks.  Check out our GYST Affiliates Program page for more information.