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Work Samples

1. When submitting your work samples, always verify what formats you need to use to send the samples so that they can view them properly. Not all institutions have the latest equipment, and formats change rapidly.

2. Examples of submissions might include photographs, digital video, digital files of all kinds, and a keynote/powerpoint presentation via your computer.

3. Always include the following information about each work sample given:

Title of Work

Medium(s) of Work

Dimensions of Work

Date of Work

If site-specific, where and when work is shown

Any collaborators

A one-sentence description of the work (if allowed or necessary)

4. Make sure your digital portfolio conforms to the guidelines required for your presentation.  Read all instructions carefully as many institutions, employers, and curators have various ways they like to receive and view portfolio submissions.

5. Always know to whom you are sending your work. Never address a letter “Dear Sir” (this is not only presumptuous, it’s potentially perceived as sexist). If you do not know the name of the recipient use general greetings such as: “To Whom It May Concern” or “Dear (insert foundation name) Selection Committee.”


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