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Call to Artists: RFQ - Quorum Center Lobby Feature Wall Art Owner: Local Government Federal Credit Union (LGFCU) Quorum Center; 323 West Jones Street, Raleigh, NC Call To Artists: This is a call to artists who have an interest in designing, creating and installing an art exhibit to be displayed in the Quorum Center Building in Raleigh, NC. The art will be attached to an existing wall that is part of the ground floor lobby in this prominent building. The owner is Local Government Federal Credit Union who is the party interested in acquiring this art. Davis Kane Architects is the project administrator and will be the liaison between the owner and artist. Submission Deadline: Friday September 13th, 2019 – 5:00 PM delivered to Davis Kane Architects Art Budget: Not To Exceed $100,000 Budget Description: The Budget includes all associated costs of creation, fabrication, shipment, installation, artist fees, travel, maintenance and other direct costs including any modifications to building infrastructure required to accommodate art installation. Project Details: The Quorum Center (QC) is a facility for local government entities and associations to use as a headquarters or as a Raleigh satellite office for networking, promotion, operations and event needs. The QC provides a space equipped with the technology, infrastructure and square footage to host large-scale events and meetings – all with a downtown address that immerses the occupants and visitors in the heart of Raleigh. The proximity to state government buildings and many related agencies is an important facet of the buildings appeal to the occupants. LGFCU requests that qualified artists submit their qualifications for an art installation on the 1st floor lobby feature wall. The wall is 57’ long by 15’ high. It is visible from Jones Street and as such is in a prominent viewing location. Upon satisfactory completion of the installation, LGFCU will own the art and all related rights to the art. The artist will warrant the art installation for a period of up to five years at which point the maintenance requirements will expire. At a future date, LGFCU may elect to relocate the art and make it part of LGFCU’s collection. At that time, a new feature wall display will be installed. The proposer may be an individual artist or a team led by an artist. The term “artist” in this RFP refers to either. See attached for “Attachment A” for additional site information Artwork Goals: The QC art installation should convey an inviting, inclusive and professional environment that pays tribute to the mission and service of local government employees in North Carolina. The artwork should recognize and honor the leadership, service and impact provided by local leaders, employees and community volunteers. From elected officials to first responders, from librarians to parks and recreation employees and volunteers, from county and municipal employees to sanitation and housing authority staff - LGFCU members provide the services, support and structure that keep our communities running – this commitment is at the heart of what the QC artwork should represent. For more information about LGFCU see the link below visit LGFCU management is a focused, technically savvy and highly professional group that holds very high standards for themselves and their work environment. The installation may exploit lighting, technology and interactive elements. It should be noted that the installation will be viewed from within the building lobby as well as the street. The art should be “demountable”; that is, it should be designed and constructed such that it can be readily removed from the location and re-installed to another location without reconstruction or further engagement by the artist. No portion of the art shall be permanently affixed to the building. The art should have a substantial and artistic presence that unites it with the neighboring Museum District and makes it a known attraction in Raleigh that locals appreciate and tourists visit. Content, theme, and elements should honor local government employees by celebrating their service and recognizing their sacrifices, contributions and commitment to community.

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Selection Information: From this initial submission, an art selection committee will review all submissions and prepare a shortlist of three to five artists. The committee will then submit Request for Proposals to the shortlist of artists. The RFP will request that the artist submit a proposed art solution for the project. The artist will be compensated for preparation of the submission, the amount of which is to be determined. Application Requirements: All professional artists must be at least 18 years of age. Artists who have successfully managed and completed at least one similar art installation with a budget equal to or greater than $50,000 may be given preference over less experienced artists. The artists must have general liability insurance equal to or greater than the cost of the installation for the duration of the project and have demonstrated the ability to adhere to a strict timeline. Artists’ proposals will be evaluated based upon creativity, their professional qualifications, proven artistic merit of prior relevant work, experience fabricating and installing artwork suitable for this type of environment, and experience working with architects, contractors and municipalities. Sales and Commission: LGFCU will own the art installation and all rights to the art for their corporate collection. A commission will be offered to the shortlisted artists for preparation of the RFP responses. Project Timeline: RFQ Submission Deadline: October 3, 2019. Panel Review: October 3rd through 17th, 2019. Finalist Notification (RFP release): October 17th, 2019. Pre-presentation site visit: October 21st, 2019. Proposal Presentations: January 9, 2020. Final Artist Selection: January 13, 2020. Contract: January 27th, 2020. Design Review Phases: TBD Fabrication: TBD Installation Schedule for art coordinated with project construction: TBD Completion Date: July 13, 2020 (6 months from artist notification) How to Apply: To submit, please see the link to register below and upload submission. Submissions must be a maximum of 25MB total and include the following: 1. Letter of Interest: Maximum 1000 words outlining your interest in this project, experience working on comparable projects and a maximum 500-word statement of your conceptual approach to this project. 2. Professional Resume (if an artist team, include a resume for each team member). Maximum five pages per artist/team member to include artist training, professional experience in fabrication, installation and use of selected materials. 3. Past Project Experience (up to 5 projects) a. All files should be named in the following format: 01_LASTNAME_TITLE.jpg, 02_LASTNAME_TITLE.jpg. b. Still images should be sent as jpegs and should be at least 1000px and 300 dpi at their widest dimension. 2D artists may submit one JPEG per project. 3D artists may submit two JPEGS (one full shot and one detail) per project. Follow the filename format for works as indicated above. c. Video samples should be edited to be no longer than 2-minutes. Video artists are to submit their work online through clips or url addresses to online sharing formats like Hulu, Vimeo, or YouTube. Please only submit video art or video documentation of an art piece that requires video to be fully experienced. Do not send video walk-throughs of static exhibitions or video slideshows. While web-hosted submissions are strongly preferred and video samples can be submitted on CD or flash drive if necessary. Please contact Sarah Burnette via contact below to make arrangements for delivery prior to deadline. Follow the filename format for works as indicated above on digital files and hard copy CD or Flash Drive. d. Description of project including title, schedule details (starting date, fabrication time frame, delivery, and installation), dimensions, significant materials, and budget. e. Professional References: List of three (3) prior permanent art project references with contact information (name, title, organization, mailing address, phone number, email address), name and location of the artwork and a brief description of the relationship. To submit: Please see the link above to register and upload submission. For Questions, Please Contact: For questions, please contact Sarah Burnette at