GYST DO IT! With Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles (TSALA)


GYST DO IT! With Tiger Strikes Asteriod Los Angeles (TSALA)

Guests on the show are three of the artist members of Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles (TSA LA). Vanessa Chow, Carl Baratta and Christopher Ulivo. 

Tiger Strikes Asteroid is a network of artist-run spaces with locations in Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles. Each space is independently operated and focuses on presenting a varied program of emerging and mid-career artists. The goal of TSA is to collectively bring people together, expand connections and build community through artist-initiated exhibitions, projects, and curatorial opportunities.

TSA exhibitions and projects have been featured in numerous print and online publications including The New York Times, Art F City, Hyperallergic, The Huffington Post, L Magazine, Whitehot Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Two Coats of Paint, Artinfo, Artnet News, Beautiful Decay, and the artblog.