Call for Entry: GoFarm Shipping Container Mural Project (Golden, CO)

GoFarm Shipping Container Mural
1301 Arapahoe St, Suite 105
Golden, CO 80401

Entry Deadline: 3/28/18
Number of Applications Allowed: 5


Images - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 20 
Total Media - Minimum: 2, Maximum: 20 

Overview: GoFarm is seeking an artist to design and paint a mural for 2 shipping containers. The painting for 1 container needs to be completed by May 1, 2018, though the second container will be painted later in the Summer (around July/August). The shipping containers will be located in two different locations in Arvada, Colorado and the design must represent the GoFarm mission as well as the community/neighborhood in which the container is located. Research on these communities may be required. Local (colorado) artists are preferred, but it is not required! Suggested Resource:

About GoFarm: The GoFarm mission is to increase the supply of and access to affordable, fresh, local food in the state of Colorado. GoFarm operates a 20-week, local food share program that provides assistance to beginning local farmers and connects them to a local market of consumers. The Local Food Share program also provides organizational support for GoFarm's grant-funded outreach program, GoFarm to Families. We believe that all people should have access to healthy, affordable, sustainably grown and raised food, so we accept SNAP payments from shareholders, as well as Double Up Food Bucks. Our programs help cultivate food equity in our community and support both existing and aspiring farmers.

Shipping Container Details:
Paintable Area: 3 sides of the shipping container need to be painted:
- 2 larger sides (front and back): 8.5’ x 20’
- 1 side: 8’ x 8.5’
Container 1 Location: Jeffco Head Start (150 Allison St, Arvada, CO 80002)
Container 2 Location: Centura’s Arvada Neighborhood Health Center (16280 W 64th Ave, Arvada, CO 80007). Image of location
Container External Material: Corrugated steel siding

Design Requirements:

  • Full Color

  • Must prominently display the GoFarm Logo.

  • Must represent the GoFarm mission to increase the supply of and access to affordable, fresh, healthy, local food in the state of Colorado.

  • Must represent each neighborhood (individually) where the containers are located. Because of this, each container will have a unique design.

Here is an example of our container located in Downtown Golden.


  1. By March 28, 2018: Artists will submit one or more rendering of graphical artwork FOR EACH shipping container. The prototypes shall include three detailed scale drawings representing each of the container’s three paintable sides, with at least one color to-scale rendering – from 10” x 12” or larger to serve as design samples for GoFarm’s approval.

  2. By April 3, 2018, GoFarm will choose the winning designs and contact the artist to accept. Winner should expect edits and feedback to their design at the discretion of GoFarm.

  3. Upon written approval of the two final designs, the winner will paint the exterior three panels of each container in accordance with the approved designs. We will provide an enclosed work space for you to work in during this time. The container located at Centura’s Arvada Neighborhood Health Center, much be completed by May 1, 2018. The container located at the Jeffco Head Start, will not be painted until later in the Summer, around July or August. (exact timing is tbd).
  4. We will host an unveiling event for the containers, and we would like the artist to attend these events. The Centura Health unveiling will occur in the middle of May, and may take place on a weekend or weekday. The Head Start container will be unveiled later in the season. More information coming soon on the exact dates and times.


  1. Upon GoFarm’s written approval of the Design, GoFarm will pay the winner $250 per container to help pay for any supplies needed (container will come primed ahead of time). Payment will be made at least 10 days in advance of the starting of painting for each comtainer. The winner will then paint the containers in accordance with the approved design.

  2. Upon satisfactory completion of painting the containers and after they are unveiled to the public, GoFarm will pay the winning artist the additional $2,250 per container, for their work designing and painting the containers.

  3. Winning artist will also gain publicity and recognition, and a written artist spotlight, at the container unveiling events.

  4. Winning artist will receive a free GoFarm Vegetable Food Share for the 2018 20-week, season.


  • The containers will come primed and protected with a clear-coating after design is painted. GoFarm will not be reimbursing or paying extra compensation over the $5,000 ($250 for supples, $2,250 for reward x 2 containers) prize to cover artist supplies in painting both containers.