Call for Entry: ACLU SoCal Inaugural Artist in Residence (So Cal)

ACLU SoCal Inaugural Artist-in-Residence
For Southern CA artists

The ACLU of Southern California inaugural Artist-in-Residence program will embed an artist into the ACLU SoCal for a year-long collaboration. This unique opportunity will create a platform for the artist to work closely with the ACLU SoCal in developing, implementing, and promoting creative strategies through the lens of the artist’s practice.

The Artist-in-Residence (AIR) will work with the ACLU SoCal to develop creative and contemporary strategies for highlighting both the ACLU SoCal’s current activities as well as its history, which could include:

  • Marketing collateral

  • Special edition artwork and prints

  • Booth / tabling installation for outreach events

  • Mural

  • Social media takeovers

  • Site-specific artworks/projects at special ACLU SoCal events

These are just examples of the kinds of initiatives the AIR could become involved in.

More broadly, the AIR can aid in developing in an artistic approach for any aspect of the ACLU SoCal’s activities. Using art as a framework and material, this partnership will allow the ACLU SoCal to conceptualize its work and activities from an empowered position of change through creation. It is through this spirit of productive, creative energy that the AIR and the ACLU SoCal will engage allies and build awareness.

Deadline: 05-31-2019
Los Angeles, CA

Contact: LeBasse Projects