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Residency: New York Arts Practicum Call for Applications for Summer 2017 (New York)

New York Arts Practicum, Call for Applications Summer 2017
New York City, June 5, 2017 – July 28, 2017
Application Deadline: March 13, 2017

Apply now to the 2017 New York Arts Practicum, a summer arts institute where participants experientially learn to bridge their lives as art students into lives as artists in the world. The program is structured around apprenticeships with mentor artists, a critique seminar where participants produce work without access to their institutional facilities, and site visits to artist workspaces, galleries, and museums.

The intensive eight-week program offers participants a structured environment to experience the challenges of life as an artist and demystifies the many ways one can be an artist today. Mentees work in their mentor’s studio two to three days per week, meet Monday and Tuesday evenings for a critique seminar, and convene Fridays for site visits. Past participants called the experience: demystifying, life changing, and an inspirational reality check.

Curious about the program and application process? Join Program Director Michael Mandiberg for a Google Hangout on Saturday, March 4th at 3:00 PM EST. RSVP to:

Mentors lead critiques structured around developing strategies for creating work without institutional studio facilities. Practicum mentors lead seminars on their work, or related topic; these sessions are intimate views into their in-progress work, with a focus on process. By working with an artist on a day-to-day basis, participants gain a view of their near futures as artists, learning models for negotiating a creative life outside of school.

Mentors for Summer 2017

Chloë Bass will be making analog books as practice for making a digital film.
Taeyoon Choi will be working on a participatory performance, interactive installation and pedagogy project that challenges the notion of normalcy and disability.
Brendan Fernandes will be working on a solo-presentation in collaboration with Recess.
Doreen Garner is performing surgery on a silicone cast of a monumental statue of Dr. J. Marion Sims.
Pablo Helguera will be researching and producing multiple exhibitions taking place in Mexico City, California, and Europe.
Marisa Morán Jahn will be designing outreach tools for America’s caregivers, slipping experimental art into pirated Ugandan DVDs, and working on Bibliobandido, a Honduran public art and literacy project.
Simone Leigh will be working in a sculpture studio, manufacturing objects for a large-scale installation.
Mary Mattingly is working on public food policy and transforming military equipment.
William Powhida will be developing ideas for future exhibitions, including planning a 2018 retrospective, as well as making political drawings which require research and fact-checking.
Kenya (Robinson) is preparing a memorial service for the #WHITEMANINMYPOCKET.
Brad Troemel will be doing research and experimenting.
Penelope Umbrico will be developing work for upcoming exhibitions, casting objects, 3D printing, polishing glass, screen printing, painting, material scavenging, and finalizing some book projects.
Clement Valla will be working with photographic technologies, from 3D scans and cyanotypes to alternate photographic technologies from the 1850s.

Application Details

The eight-week New York Arts Practicum runs from June 5th to July 28th, 2017. The application deadline is March 13, 2017.

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