Residency: Fully Funded one-month residency up for photographers (Colorado)

Elsewhere Studios (Paonia, CO - United States) is offering a one-month fully-funded residency for a photographer working in ME (Multiple Exposure) or ICM (Intentional Camera Movement) - or other experimental techniques. The residency will take place in the last trimester of 2017 (September, October, November, or December). The residency includes living and studio space at Elsewhere Studios for the month and a $250 stipend. Deadline: May 1 read more 

Call for Proposals: Light rail station mural/public art opportunity in Denver (Colorado)

Request for Proposals
Location: Cherokee and Alaska Ave. - Alameda Station

The BMP Metropolitan District No. 1 in collaboration with RedLine is seeking proposals for a public mural for the west facing wall of the Xcel Energy Electrical Substation located across the street from the Alameda light rail station. The location for the mural represents a unique intersection of urban life connecting the Denver Design District, a public transportation hub, and sets the stage for a new transit-oriented development that will redefine this area of the city.  Artists experienced in public murals should apply and consider this an opportunity to create a dynamic piece that speaks to the placement of the mural on the Xcel substation wall and its location adjacent to the RTD light rail station. Design concepts that capture the intersection of innovation, design, transportation, sustainability, and energy as well as speak to the surrounding neighborhood are encouraged.

Specifications of the Site –  

The site of the new mural will have the opportunity to visually welcome and send off light rail passengers utilizing Alameda Station.  The site is also an important front door to the broader redevelopment of the Denver Design District.  The location of the installation in relation to the light rail will allow it to be viewed by the 70,000+ passengers that pass by the station in trains every day.   This is very much a utilitarian public space and the public mural should provide the vibrancy to light rail patrons that signals their arrival or departure from the Denver Design District.

Artists will be required to sign the Artists Agreement and Waiver of Rights and Release as required by Xcel Energy - please email for an example of the Artist Agreement.  Artists will also be required to sign a Commissioning Agreement stating that the installation will be performed at the Artist’s own risk and that the Artists will hold all other parties harmless in the event of injury or damage to person or property as a result of the Artist’s installation activities. For an example of a commissioning agreement, please email

Budget - Submissions should include a detailed description of any exclusions but artists are encouraged to provide an “all in” cost that does not exceed $60,000.  The cost should include artist fees, materials, equipment, install, and any other costs that are expected to be incurred from concept to completion. 

More info and apply here

Call for Entry: City of Greeley needs some public art (Greeley, CO)

Entry Deadline: 3/3/17


Images - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 6
Total Media - Minimum: 3, Maximum: 6

The City of Greeley is currently in the final planning stages for the new City Center/Municipal Campus. Phase I of the building will house Municipal Court, the IT Department, Council Chambers, GTV8, Central Records and the Water and Sewer department administrative offices. This Civic Building will serve as the center of municipal government to deliver key services to citizens and will eventually contain all city offices.  Its architecture is intended to be open, transparent and welcoming. Phase I will be located on the cleared portion of the city block located at the Northwest corner of 11th Avenue and 11th Street.  Images of the projected City Center model and building renderings can be viewed at  by scrolling down and clicking on ‘Fire Station #1 and City Center Phase 1 Update’.

The main entrance of Phase I will be located at the north east corner of the new construction and will serve as such until Phase II of the project is funded, constructed and attached to Phase I.  The Phase I entrance will open up into a long hallway that will have great open ‘canvases’ for indoor wall art that will face the northern windows of the building. The wall will be separated into three sections that will measure approximately 20’Wx12’H; one or more of these sections may be utilized by the artist.  

To attach Phase II the north wall of Phase I will be removed and a large portion of the Phase I hallway with the indoor wall art will open up into a grand atrium with a large lobby space; this will become the new main entrance. Artwork will be requested for this area at a later date that must be cohesive in nature to the artwork in Phase I.  A second call to artists may be posted for Phase II artwork or the Phase I artist may be retained with no further posting.

Design materials for the exterior building will be brick and glass as used in the new Fire Station #1, limestone panels cover the east exterior wall facing 11th Ave., and dark bronze colored formed metal frames the Court Room entrance. The building architecture will exhibit a highly civic presence.

The budget for artwork design, fabrication, delivery and installation is not to exceed $60,000.

One artist will be selected to work with a project team of architects, engineers, and managers to work together in developing a design for art to be incorporated into the new building. This approach requires good collaborative skills, creativity, flexibility as well as an open mind. The artist will be selected based on past experience with collaborative projects and past work that exhibits style and materials appropriate to the site.

A minimum of two progress reports will be required showing the evolution of the artists design. Final design work must be original and must include all details necessary for the fabrication and installation of actual artwork. Once the final design is accepted by the Greeley Art Commission and payment made for the design, the City will retain all rights of the final design. The building construction may be ready for art installation as early as July 2018.

More info is available at this site or by emailing