Call for Entry: Self and Place: Refinding San Bernardino County (California)

Self and Place: Refinding San Bernardino County
For Inland Empire artists

This is an open community call to populate the walls of the Clara & Allen Gresham Art Gallery of San Bernardino Valley College with the words and images of what life looks and feels like across San Bernardino County. This could be photographs of the view from your window or a portrait of your family. This could take form as a short poem or a collage of postcards from your local gift shop. These walls are going to represent the vivid, textured layers of our lives that we can never see in one pass on a map.


Where do you find yourself, in whose company, in what layers of culture, history, religion, and environment? What are the ways you share that experience with those around you?


A map only contains the layers of information we decide to include and the lens we choose to put on. When you look at a map of San Bernardino County, it is a vast space containing over 20,000 square miles, where 75% of the population lives on just 2.5% of the land. But this data doesn’t convey the rich experiences each of you have with the land you love, steward and share with those closest to you.


We are creating a gallery sized portrait of those selves and those places that populate the largest county in the lower 48. Those 24 cities, 27 census designated places, 77 unincorporated communities, 5 reservations and 3 ghost towns.

For full submission guidelines and online submission form, please visit:


There is no fee to participate. Words, art and images should depict people, places and life in San Bernardino County.

Deadline: 09-07-2019
Arts Connection- The Arts Council of San Bernardino County
San Bernardino, CA

Contact: Jennifer Kane
Phone: 909.381.1900