Call for Artists: City of Newport Beach is painting the utility boxes, you could make 'em pretty (Newport Beach, CA)

Utility Box Public Art Program
For National artists


The City of Redondo Beach and its Public Art Commission invites artists to participate in the City’s first ever Utility Box Public Art Pilot Program.  The City and the Commission are seeking artists to showcase their work in a Pilot Program to beautify up to 25 utility boxes located throughout the City of Redondo Beach.  The goals  of  the program are to  use public art to contribute to the vitality and attractiveness of the City’s streetscapes and bring art to unexpected places.

Applications can be downloaded from at the Public Art section.  


This Public Art Program  is open to all adult and student practicing artists. The Call is also open to art teachers that are interested in mentoring a group of students.  All entries must be an original design and artwork of the entrant and must be suitable for viewing by all ages.

Artwork Opportunity

The  proposed Utility Box public art designs must be applicable and usable, covering all four sides and the         top of the box. The artwork will be printed and installed by a contracted vinyl wrapping contractor on behalf of the artists and the City of Redondo Beach. The art should enliven the area, transform the street and reflect the neighborhood or area where the utility box is located. The artwork submitted should be family-friendly and suitable for viewing by all ages. Due to the location of the boxes, the art should be visible from a distance, therefor you may choose to utilize bold colors and designs. Artwork using a majority of dark colors will not be considered due to the potential for overheating the utility boxes.  Additional  consideration   can be given to a  project that showcases Redondo Beach’s cultural diversity, historic heritage, or acknowledges   a key  activity that takes place in the area. Artist can submit more than oen concept for the same location or submit a concept that includes a continuous theme across multiple utility boxes and locations.      

How to Apply for this Call

Please go to and select Public Art to access the City’s Public Art Program and this application which is available for download.                       


Please contact the Community Services Department by emailing at  or call (310) 318-0644.

Deadline: 12-31-2017
City of Redondo Beach
Redondo Beach, CA

Contact: Rachel
Phone: 310.318.0644