Request for Proposals: Lake Linganore RFP Public Art Sculpture (Maryland)

Entry Deadline: 6/23/17

More information and apply here
Seeking professional artists with all of the following qualifications:  

  • Demonstrated experience realizing permanent, large scale exterior public sculpture in low maintenance, highly durable materials. Must have successfully completed at least three exterior public art commissions with budgets of over $50,000.  Please note that this number is for qualifications purposes only and not the budget for the art piece as it has not yet been established out of the entire entrance construction budget.
  • Experience working with private developers to create site-specific exterior public art in a residential housing development setting.
  • Demonstrated success creating artwork incorporated into traffic medians or traffic circles, addressing issues such as local and state code, traffic sight lines, integration with public utilities, irrigation and lighting systems, maintenance and other issues unique to such sites.
  • Experience with in-depth community engagement with diverse community members and other key stakeholders.
  • Extensive experience working in collaboration with complex project teams including engineers, developers, landscape architects, community groups and government agencies such as departments of planning and permitting and departments of transportation.
  • Available to begin work immediately and to meet the demands of a fast-track design process.  A $1,000 stipend will be paid to finalists to cover the expense of travel and a design proposal; no additional funding will be available for this phase.

Due to an accelerated construction schedule, finalist proposals must include detailed plans for foundations/footings appropriate to the site and to the requirements of the State of Maryland. Foundations will be excavated and poured well in advance of the sculpture’s installation.

Sited at the main entry to the residential ‘villages’ clustered around Lake Linganore, the proposed sculpture should reinforce the values of the community, both physically and symbolically, acting as both landmark and gateway.

Founded in 1968 by J. William Brosius, Lake Linganore is a planned community comprised of 15 villages surrounding a system of small lakes, the largest being Lake Linganore. The villages are connected by a series of small roads and an extensive network of trails, with plenty of open space and opportunities for natural recreation. Some of the original, built elements of the community were designed by the architect E. Fay Jones. Jones apprenticed with Frank Lloyd Wright, and an Arts and Crafts theme continues to inform the design aesthetic.

 For additional community and background information:

 Artists should submit the following:

  1.  10 images
  2.  Image Description List, including all agencies artist worked with on the commission
  3.  Resume (No more than 4 pages; attached as a PDF)
  4.  250 Word Statement of Interest
  5.  250 Word Artist Statement
  6.  Four references