Does Your Candidate Support the Arts? ArtsVote2016

Americans for the Arts has been tracking those running for office, and whether they support the arts. For an overview of the presidential race, check out

Other reports featured are Arts and the GDP that can help you make a case for the arts, as the arts contributed close to 7 Billion in 2012. That’s with a B.

Creative Industries Business and Employment in the Arts analysesthe economic scope and impact of the arts across the US.

There is also an Arts and Economic Prosperity Report as well as State Government Funding to the Arts. Look up your state and see how they are doing. Want to know whom the National Endowment for the arts funded? Check that out as well.

While your there, become a member of Americans for the Arts, or check out the rest of their site. Statistics can sometimes help out your cause, and if nothing else, see who to vote for.

Artists are a vital part of our culture and should be supported, so make your voice heard.