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Our Latest upgrade is GYSTPro 4.3


This upgrade fixed many background bugs including a bug that limited records to 1000 that caused some numbering errors.


This is a pretty extensive upgrade with quite a few additions so here is a rundown on what has been changed or added.

The User’s Manual is now linked and you can do a search for keywords if you go to the online version. The online version will be the definitive and most up to date version. There is still a PDF, now only the Users Manual located in the GYSTPro folder, inside the Documentation Folder. Basic information is still included in the Help section.

Artwork Labels has been upgraded, and now prints the name added in that field. This works for both single users, and those using this category to track multiple artists.

Nine Digit Zip Code is now fully working.

There are now unlimited portal rows in the installation instructions and the packing instructions tabs. This used to be the case, but with the last upgrade it defaulted to only three portal rows. 

There is a large Buy Me button in the Administration Title page, that will take you directly to our buy page on the GYST website, by popular request! It will disappear once you register.

There is now a space to add Care of Work in the Artwork layout. Whichever window is highlighted, will print when you use the print button at the top.

The currency dropdown for choosing the currency of your country for our non-US users is located on the Registration Page. Once you choose your currency it will show up in all areas where there are money fields.

There are now printable Authentication Labels for attaching to your artwork that includes all the basic information for the artwork, including an image. This should help preparators hang your work right side up. This is located under the Tracking Tab.

You can now print out a Certificate of Provenance right under Artwork under the Tracking Tab. This will certify that the work is original, and specify the edition number as well if it is an edition. It will include an image and basic information. This should be printed out and given to the buyer.

Artwork Dimensions for both framed and unframed are included on all reports and Artwork Checklists in Exhibitions. No one seems to agree which one is necessary so we put both.

Dimensions with a zero do not print the “0.”

The date field will now accept just a year (all the time) in Artwork.

Phone numbers are now included in invoices.

Email is now included in list view for contacts.


New Improvements to GYSTPro 4.0
GYSTPro has a new look! We have updated the design to match the rest of our brand, and all new content has been added to the resources section of the software. 

• brand new database design
• images can be attached to proposals
• all new information in resources
• small improvements throughout the site
• user address now added to sales forms

GYSTPro 3.5.6

We have a newest  upgrade! We have been having issues with some computers and not others. Basically Macs have been fine, but PC's create different problems with different operating systems. We think we have solved most of those issues. We also did a software installer builder upgrade, and it had some quirks that needed to be fixed.

Other upgrades are the buttons in Artwork Inventory for Printing Basic and Full Details has been fixed. 

GYSTPro 3.5.5

The GYST Team works hard to provide frequent and useful upgrades to our GYST software. Our latest upgrade is GYSTPro 3.5.  Here's what we've been working on:

  • All information has been updated
  • Packing Instructions section added
  • New Condition Reports are now located in the Artwork Section
  • More printing options
  • Exhibtion labels
  • Insurance Information
  • Misc. small bugs fixed

GYSTPro 3.5 has Enhanced Printing Capabilities
Now you can print all the info associated with each artwork, including Project Descriptions, Provenance reports, Collector details, Budgets, and more.

We completely reworked how you print images of your work. Now you can easily select images for printing, print all images associated with an artwork, selected images within one work, or selected images across the entire database. Now it's easier than ever to print customized reports.

GYSTPro 3.5 has Improved Import/Export
We've reworked the import/export functions in the software, making it easier than ever to import and export images, texts, files, and videos. No more worrying about finding that image to send to a colleague, exporting is as easy as clicking a button.

GYSTPro 3.5 has made it easier to Find and Archive Work
We've added new find capabilities, allowing you to easily search for work using checkboxes across the entire database. Trust us, you'll like this one.

Finding the physical location of an artwork, where you've stored it or loaned it is now easier with a button allowing you to selectively find all work at one location.

We've also created a field allowing you to store the duration of media work (something a lot of artists requested).

There's also a field allowing you to list who loans you work. This field is great for curators, collectors, and archivists handling artworks from multiple artists. Now you can use this field to track work not created by you!

GYSTPro 3.5 Allows for simpler Email & Contacts
The new GYST can now email and BCC multiple contacts at once, making marketing much easier. We've also added new fields into the contacts section, giving you the power to include primary and secondary email addresses.

GYSTPro 3.5 has Updated Currency & Languages
We have a ton of GYSTERS in places outside the USA, so we've added a bunch of new currency denominations to the software and new language files so you can use GYST in languages other than English.

We've also changed a bunch of stuff behind the scenes, recoding the entire software to get rid of annoying bugs, small errors, and snags that may have gotten in your way in the past.

Upgrade History

GYST 3.0

  • Fully rebuilt from the ground up
  • Over 100 pages of new information
  • All information has been updated
  • New Condition Reports
  • New Installation Instructions
  • All layouts updated
  • New Calendar and To Do Lists
  • Customize with your own images
  • New Bibliography Section
  • New participants list under Exhibitions
  • New design

GYST 2.8

  • Email an image directly from GYST
  • Hi Res and Lo Res Image Folders
  • Updgaded image handling
  • Upgraded Email capabilities
  • Information upgrades
  • Improved background scripting
  • Works in Demo Mode for 30 days

GYST 2.6

  • GYST User Guide PDF
  • Upgraded User Information
  • Upgraded Planning
  • Upgraded Exhibition Forms
    • An Artwork Checklist for each show or project
  • Upgraded Artwork Inventory
  • Documentation
  • New Business Issues:
    • Aging
    • Bartering and Trading
    • Disabilities
    • Ethics
    • Experimental Materials
    • Fame
    • Galleries and Selling:
      • Understanding Representation: Dealers, Agents and Consultants
      • Approaching a Gallery
      • Marketing Your Work
      • Selling Work Yourself
    • Housing
    • Loans
    • Networking
    • Presenting Yourself
    • Printing
    • Studio visits and open studios
    • The Web
    • Works for Hire

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