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GYST Radio is a resource for all information on the business of art, hybrid careers and other DIY strategies for a successful career in the arts. We believe that artists should define their own careers on their own terms, and we provide the necessary tools and resources for doing so. We have great resources for artists but this radio broadcast concentrates on DIY artists, independent curators and arts organizations that support artists. Instead of waiting to be validated by a "gate keeper" come and find out strategies for doing it yourself here. We also post relevant content from other providers, so enjoy.


Guest Lydia Glenn-Murray talks about her brand new interdisciplinary project space Chin’s Push, located on York Avenue in northeast L.A. The space, which includes a small store-front gallery, a residential house and a parked trailer (all used for art projects) has been open for less than a year, but Lydia has already produced a multitude of experimental, communal, wildly creative exhibitions, events and performances.

With no web site or social media platforms for publicity (as of yet) Chin’s Push could be called an underground space. If you get on Lydia’s email list, you can join a network of fellow artists and art enthusiasts who show up to the space in droves.  Listen in to the interview to get that email address!

Hosted by Kara Tomé.





GYST Radio: LAND (Los Angeles Nomadic Division)

From "The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project" a series of artist-produced billboards and activations that unfolded along Interstate 10 Freeway from Florida to California through June 2015.

From "The Manifest Destiny Billboard Project" a series of artist-produced billboards and activations that unfolded along Interstate 10 Freeway from Florida to California through June 2015.

Wildflowering L.A. is a native wildflower seed sowing initiative throughout Los Angeles County by artist Fritz Haeg.

Wildflowering L.A. is a native wildflower seed sowing initiative throughout Los Angeles County by artist Fritz Haeg.

Guest is Shamim Momin, co-founder, director and curator of LAND.

Los Angeles Nomadic Division is a non-profit art organization founded in 2009 as a public art initiative committed to curating site- and situation-specific contemporary art projects in Los Angeles and beyond. 

LAND believes that everyone deserves the opportunity to experience innovative contemporary art in their day-to-day lives. In turn, artists deserve the opportunity to realize projects, otherwise unsupported, at unique sites in the public realm.

LAND supports dynamic and unconventional artistic practices through commissioning public projects of site- and situation-specific works, collaborating with a variety of institutions and organizations, and offering additional programs such as performances, workshops, residencies, discussions, and publications.

Hosted by Kara Tomé.






GYST Radio: Spotlight on NELA, Adjunct Positions

For its inaugral exhibition in 2013 Adjunct Positions hosted Sara Schnadt site specific installation and performance,  Drafting Universes .

For its inaugral exhibition in 2013 Adjunct Positions hosted Sara Schnadt site specific installation and performance, Drafting Universes.

Adjunct Positions is a non-commercial art space run by artist David Prince out of a residential garage in the Notheast Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park. An artist-centric test site, it supports work that brings creative process into the exhibition space — transforming, performing, or otherwise materially inhabiting it.

Hosted by Kara Tomé.






GYST Radio: Spotlight on NELA, Monte Vista Projects

Reza Monahan ,   Grimm's Aged Pill

Reza Monahan, Grimm's Aged Pill

Guests are three of the artists who collectively run Monte Vista Projects, Jay Lizo, Jade Thacker and David Earle.

Monte Vista is an artist-run space, opened in Highland Park in 2007, hosting exhibitions, lectures, events, and performances. The space is self-determining, having “no manifesto," with the aims of providing a platform for art and conversation, emphasizing experimentation and artworks that contribute to non-traditional dialogues.






GYST Radio: NELAart Organization of Northeast Los Angeles

nela art.jpg

Guests are the founder of NELAart, Brian Mallman and its current executive director Cathi Milligan. Both are artists who have been residents of the area for many years and have been instrumental in building and sustaining a stong arts community in the Northeast District of Los Angeles.

Brian runs an alternative gallery called 50NYork   and Cathi runs The Glass Studio, a store and education space, both located on York Avenue in Highland Park.

NELAart Organization is comprised of galleries and arts organizations that are dedicated to increase the visibility of the thriving arts community in the area. The neighborhood is home to more than thirty galleries, alternative arts spaces and arts organizations and countless artists live and work in the area. NELAart provides a resource to share information and ideas, and assist in promoting galleries, organizations and artists.

NELAart organizes a popular artwalk every second Saturday of the month and publishes a monthly newspaper, the NELAart News.


Marc Pally, Artistic Director of GLOW Santa Monica.

Show hosted by Kara W. Tomé.






GYST Radio: Spotlight on NELA 50NYork Gallery creator Brian Mallman

Artist Brian Mallman created 50NYork Gallery as a constantly evolving art experiment that investigates how art is created, displayed and interacted with. The gallery exists as an altered abandoned gas station sign on the corner of Avenue 50 and York Blvd. in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Highland Park.

50NYork works to inspire self-propelled public art projects. Many of these projects happen outside the gallery space and are designed to self-replicate and regenerate. The 50NYork concept is designed to be adopted, adapted and duplicated in any physical space that is ignored, forgotten or abandoned.

Hosted by Kara W. Tomé.




GYST Radio: Marc Pally, Artistic Director of GLOW Santa Monica


Artist Marc Pally is an expert in the field of public art, having curated, planned and managed dozens of nationally recoginzed projects. He is the Artistic Director of GLOW, Santa Monica, which in three installments has become one of the largest and most popular one-night art events in California, and beyond.

GLOW is an all-night cultural experience featuring original commissions by international artists that re-imagine Santa Monica Beach as a playground for thoughtful and participatory artworks. The 2013 event took place on September 28 and attracted hundreds of thousands of visitors.

GYST radio host Kara Tomé worked on GLOW as the Project Coordinator for CalArts Community Arts Partnership's contributions to the event, including Lead Artist (and GYST founder) Karen Atkinson's interactive video piece.

Kara talks to Marc about his career in public art and they reflect on the experiece and success of GLOW.





GYST Radio: Trade-City / The Popwagon

A conversation with Josh Worth and Maureen Weiss, co-founders of Trade City, a non-profit arts collective based in Los Angeles that operates The Popwagon, a movable stage presenting short-form theater pieces, musical acts, video projections and interactive art installations.

Trade City started as a traveling theatre troupe, approaching theatre as both a performance art form and a visual art form, with the mission of creating art that challenges perceptions, crosses boundaries, and blurs definitions.

Through The Popwagon, Trade City aims to re-define the context in which art is commonly viewed, while providing inexpensive opportunities for emerging artists and members of the community to create, view and participate in a variety of ground-breaking artistic endeavors.

Hosted by Kara Tomé. 





GYST Radio: Interview with Michelle Knox, The Crucible

Meet Michelle Knox. She is an artist based in Oakland CA. She teaches at a non-profit called The Crucible housed in a low income neighborhood in West Oakland. It is a 56,000 square foot facility with other 17 different art studios.

 Michelle is primarily a sculptor who works a lot with glass and this year is the 50th anniversary of the American Studio Glass Movement. She is co-producing an artist- organized event to commemorate this historical moment in American art with an event hosted at The Crucible in Oakland, California on November 10 and 11t h, 2012. In honor of the 50th anniversary, The Crucible will be hosting a celebratory event recognizing the advancements and contributions that California glass artists have made to glass and to the world of fine arts as a whole.

This event is a two-day conference highlighting the special artistic talents and artists, which make the California glass scene unique and an important part of the history of the Studio Glass Movement. There will be demonstrations, a curated group exhibition and lectures. You won't want to miss it! There are over 150 other intuitions celebrating this event this year, as it is a major accomplishment for glass art.

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.






GYST Radio: Interview with Dr. Miluna

Voice Coach Dr. Miluna Fausch

Voice Coach Dr. Miluna Fausch

Interview with Dr. Miluna Fausch, The Voice Healer and Magical Muse Coach...

Dr. Miluna Fausch, the Voice Healer says "your voice is your Personal Power…your Expression…your Message…your Love... Each person has their own unique voice… and I help you find the Magic Within your Voice… It’s my Job to Encourage You!"

She helps “people find their voice, build their voice, heal their voice.  I use my passion, skills and training in medical intuition, holistic health, nutrition, energy healing, acting, singing, and my experience as a singer and singing teacher to help uncover your best voice. This is about functional, healthy singing and speaking.”

Dr. Miluna Fausch, The Magical Muse Coach, “uses her talents and training to assist students in being and feeling more creative, moving through writer/songwriter’s block, launching a product, creating a show, and much more. This is creative writing and thinking for grown-ups!  She welcomes those who are ready to integrate the left (logical) brain with the right (imaginative) brain, improve memory, build focus, and much more.”

To find your voice, visit and 

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.





GYST Radio: Interview with Sophia Allison, ShoeboxLA 

ShoeboxLA is the brainchild of artists Sophia Allison and Paul W. Evans, both of whom arrived in Los Angeles nearly 9 years ago.  How small can a gallery be to function?  Can a gallery sustain itself with no real location?  Will artists be up to the challenge?  And finally, will people come? 

With initial guidelines that all art would be made specifically for the gallery and work produced would not be miniature, but “appropriate for the gallery’s size”, the two decided their gallery would measure a mere 24”x18”x8”.  Instead of having one location with hours, the gallery would arrive at different locations around Los Angeles.  


Hosted by Susan L Petrella.







GYST Radio: Interview with Ava Steaffens, KidWorks

Interview with Ava Steaffens, President/CEO of KidWorks.

KidWorks' "mission is to restore at-risk neighborhoods one life at a time.  KidWorks' "seeks to provide a “cradle-to-career” continuum of support for children in Santa Ana, as we recognize that at any time they are in danger of succumbing to the temptations and dangers of their neighborhood." 

Of Kidworks' enrollees, "in the 2011-2012 school year: 100% of high school graduates are college-bound, 100% of preschool graduates were assessed for kindergarten as "ready to learn" and 100% of high school juniors completed SAT prep courses." 

Goals for 2012-2013 are to "recruit 150 weekly volunteers to help kids do their homework, complete art projects, practice sports, and perform science experiments and open a fourth community center in another at-risk Santa Ana neighborhood."

To donate (90% private funding) and/or volunteer, or for more information, please visit

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.






GYST Radio: Interview with Scott McKiernan, ZUMA

Interview with Scott McKiernan, Founder/CEO of Zuma.

ZUMA \'zü-mä\ n 1 : a really amazing picture agency 2 : Mayan for new day, solution, new vision 3 : Scott Mc Kiernan's loveable black lab.

"Started in the early 1990s by photojournalists for photojournalists - not shareholders or billionaires - ZUMA Press is now the world's largest independent press agency and wire service.

ZUMA Press, produces and represents award-winning news, sports and entertainment from some of the world's greatest photojournalists. ZUMA photographers span the globe covering the world's events and issues. Supplementing ZUMA's all-star photographer roster, ZUMA represents the world's best picture agencies and newspapers. As well as numerous top magazine groups, whose publication's stellar images and text packages help complete the rich editorial offering.

ZUMA's photographers have won numerous awards, including the Pulitzer, World Press, BOP and POYi. ZUMA features a growing diverse library of over 15 million images online, with upwards of 9,000 new images posted daily".

Visit, (Pictures of the Day), (The Kona Gallery and Photojournalism Center).

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.






GYST Radio: interviews with Orange Countys creative stars.

Interviews w/Orange County CA's creative stars.

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.




GYST Radio: Interview with Devin C. Hughes

Devin C. Hughes

Devin C. Hughes

Interview with Devin C. Hughes, Speaker, Coach: Chief Inspiration Officer.

Devin speaks at schools, universities, corporations, associations, and organizations in a wide variety of disciplines to help others access their potential for change.

Recently, he's published Contrast: A Biracial Man's Journey to Desgregate His Past.   In 1967, the Supreme Court legalized interracial marriage in America. Devin Hughes was born two years later to a black father and white mother who fled to Washington DC to escape the racism of the Deep South. Bigotry still ran rampant up North, and light-skinned, greeneyed Devin felt its pull from both ends and he found himself more consumed with his dysfunctional family life.  Despite his parents’ flaws, they were Devin’s greatest believers. From his dad founding a neighborhood baseball team to his mom advocating for him in school, they taught Devin that anything imaginable was within reach, that their mistakes needn’t be his choices, and that his destiny was for greatness. Ultimately,  "Contrast" isn’t a book about race; it’s a book about acceptance, perseverance, and love.

For more about Devin, visit

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.






GYST Radio: Interview with Peter Bo Rappmund

Interview with Peter Bo Rappmund who works in film, video, photography and sound.. "His films are animated from stills, taken with a digital camera, that register crisp details of landscape, the time of day, the season and the climate.  The visual textures are heightened by the sounds of field recordings and carefully composed audio."  These works have been shown at international film festivals and art institutions including REDCAT; the Museum of Modern Art, New York; Anthology Film Archives; and the Whitney Museum of American Art.

Bo Rappmund's the first artist (it's also his first solo museum exhibition) asked to create/exhibit work for the Laguna Art Museum's new contemporary art program, ex-pose, curated by Grace Kook-Anderson... Three fabulous films which portray very different Western landscapes are being shown: Psychohydrography, Vulgar Fractions and Tectonics a world premiere. 

For more on this wonderful artist visit

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.






GYST Radio: Interview with Kevin Staniec

Kevin Staniec , Photo courtesy  SargeantCreative

Kevin Staniec , Photo courtesy SargeantCreative

Interview with Kevin Staniec, Co-Founder, ISM: A Community Project...

From one glossy magazine, the ISM Quarterly to its three newest projects, ____ism, Focus and Cheers, ISM: A Community Project offers artists, designers, photographers, writers from Orange County, Los Angeles and around the world, wonderful opportunities to share their creativity. 

ISM: A Community Project, a non-profit arts organization, "celebrates 10 years of projects and publishing with a colossal gallery exhibition, a monumental book and the announcement of the Arts Advocacy and Community Architect Awards".   Please join them this Saturday, July 7th, 7-10pm at the Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana.

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.





GYST Radio: Interview with Dan Cameron

Art work by Lee Bul in the OCMA collection.

Art work by Lee Bul in the OCMA collection.

Interview with Dan Cameron, Chief Curator, Orange County Museum of Art.

As a world-renowned contemporary art curator, Dan's expertise has been seen in these phenomenally successful exhibits/biennials: Art & its Double, Fundacion 'la Caixa', Barcelona; Cocido y Crudo, Museo Reina Sofia, Madrid; the 8th Istanbul Biennial and Prospect New Orleans, the largest biennial of international contemporary art in the United States now in its 4th year. 

Dan is also one of the most widely published art critics with several new works, one being an essay in The Exhibitionist, no. 6.

OCMA is very excited to have him onboard, stating "Cameron's experience and perspective will strength the museum's curatorial program and bring a major new voice into the artistic community of Southern California.  As for OCMA's signature exhibit, the upcoming California Biennial, July 2013, Dan's reimagining the exhibit,  "looking to show California art in a broader geographical context." 

Celebrating its 50th anniversary (50 Years Forward), OCMA's new exhibits include Jack Goldstein x 10,000 and Pairings: The Collection at 50 - - Robert Irwin + Charles Ray and other terrific special summer events.  For exhibit and event information, please visit,

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.





GYST Radio: Interview with Sepi Nasiri

Interview with Sepi Nasiri, Director of All Things Offline, Women 2.0.

"Women 2.0,, is a media company offering content, community and conferences for aspiring and current women innovators in technology.  Their mission is to increase the number of female founders of technology start-ups with inspiration, information and education through our platform."

Special events include Founder Fridays (1st Friday of the month) in cities across the US, Latin America and Europe and PITCH, now in NYC and Silicon Valley.  PITCH is open to early-stage high-growth ventures from around the world with at least one female founder. 

As for Sepi, she's an avid technology enthusiast, acting as Board member of many non-profits due to her passion for Philanthropy and a frequent tweeter.  Follow Sepi at

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.





GYST Radio: The Couples Show

Lisa Rios and Jon Cherry

Lisa Rios and Jon Cherry

Interview with Co-owners, Lisa Rios and Jon Cherry, The Makery - Learn. Make. Shop and Whimsy and Ink, a line of custom hip flasks. 

The Makery is one of a collection of wonderful independently owned indie shops at a place called Community. Community is located at 423 S. Brookhurst Street, Anaheim CA.

For more information on Lisa and Jon, two terrific entrepreneurs and their "maker" partnership, visit and

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.






GYST Radio: ArtsOC

Interview with Rick Stein, Executive Director and Pat Wayne, Deputy Director, ArtsOC, the leader in building appreciation of,  participation in and support for the arts, arts education throughout Orange County.  

For more information, visit,

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.





GYST Radio: Patchwork

Illustration by Nicole Stevenson

Illustration by Nicole Stevenson

Interview with two fabulous Orange County CA women entrepreneurs, Delilah Snell, The Road Less Traveled, Santa Ana CA and Nicole Stevenson; Random Nicole.

Besides their individual ventures, Delilah and Nicole have combined their expertise, skills to create Patchwork, indie art and craft festival, 6 shows per year with event locations in Long Beach, Santa Ana and Culver City, and Craftcation, a yearly conference for creative/DYI arts and crafts makers.

To see more of Nicoles Stevensons work visit:

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.




GYST Radio: Renee Fox on Lineamenta, Beacon Arts

Monica talks with Renee about art communities, taking chances, and developing relationships!

Lineamenta opened May 12 at the Beacon Arts Building. It is an exhibition curated to examine and expand on the definition of drawing. This group of work by different artists from Los Angeles to Geneva seeks to redefine drawing, not as an abstract means to an end but as a finite genre, encompassing many different types of media. Drawing is commonly understood as a vague plan or a sketch of an idea for something else. It is this limbo of undefined territory that the work in this show will inhabit, placing drawing in the spotlight as finished work, using sculpture, video, installation and both traditional and unusual drawing techniques throughout the gallery.

Artists included are:  China Adams, Steven Bankhead, Fay Ray, GeoVanna Gonzales, Kate Harding, Doug Harvey, Flora Kao, Jed Lind, Nuttaphol Ma, Jessica Minckley, Sandeep Mukherjee, M.A. Peers, Antoine Roegiers, Leigh Salgado, Amy Sarkisian, Lisa C Soto and Tim Youd.

Lineamenta opens Saturday, May 12th and runs through June 24th 2012. Exhibition special events include an opening reception on Saturday, May 12th, 6:00 – 9:00pm and a closing reception on Sunday, June 24th, 1:00 – 4:00pm, which will include a gallery walk-through and talk with some of the participating artists. Beacon Arts is located at 808 N. La Brea Ave., Inglewood, CA 90302. Regular gallery hours are from 1:00pm to 6:00pm Thursday through Saturday, Sundays 1:00pm – 4:00pm. All Lineamenta events are free. For additional information please call 310-419- 4077 or visit http://

Hosted by Susan L Petrella





GYST Radio: Wendy Sherman and Dr. Adam Arenson

Antena (Jen Hofer & John Pluecker) & Jorge Galván Flores at Grand Central Art Center


Interview with Wendy Sherman, Co-Curator, Millard Sheets Studio: The Art of Home Savings and Loan, CSUF Grand Central Art Center and Dr. Adam Arenson, Assistant Professor, History, University of Texas at El Paso.

For more information on Millard Sheets Studio; The Art of Home Savings and Loan which highlights several of Millard Sheets' wonderful local bank buildings and related upcoming events, visit

For more information on Dr. Arenson, his work on Millard Sheets, The Art of Home Savings, visit

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.





GYST Radio: Antonio and Fiorella Cagnolo

Interview with Antonio and Fiorella Cagnolo, Chefs and Owners, Antonello Ristorante; one of Orange County CAs dynamic creative couples. 

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.





GYST Radio: Bob Pece

Interview with Bob Pece, Film/Video Producer/Curator and Programmer extraordinaire. 

From1997-2011, Bob curated and programmed Arizona State University's Short Film and Video Festival.  In 2002, Bob and Amy Caterina launched Rat-Powered Films, a festival and video production enterprise, whose current focus is producing work for non-profits near and dear to their hearts.  Since 2010, Bob's also been the curator/preparer at SCA Project Gallery, Pomona.  

Besides film and video, Bob's a painter.  He's exhibited at CSUF and this year with have several solo/group shows.  

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.





GYST Radio: the Knowledges

Receptive Visualizer for Seeing with the Mind's Eye, 2009   welded steel, quartz crystal, silver thread    30" diameter dodecahedron with pentagonal pyramid crown  by Christina Ondrus

Receptive Visualizer for Seeing with the Mind's Eye, 2009
welded steel, quartz crystal, silver thread
30" diameter dodecahedron with pentagonal pyramid crown  by Christina Ondrus

Listen in! Monica talks to Christina Ondrus and Elleni Sclavenitis about their project, collaboration, and oddly, we get cut off inour chat about expecting the unexpected...whoa.

KNOWLEDGES at Mount Wilson Observatory brings together a constellation of more than thirty contemporary Los Angeles artists whose work extends from the nexus of ideas embodied by the Observatory itself: astronomy, scientific discovery, space exploration, optics, recorded observation, philosophical questions of cosmology, the history, aesthetics and ecology of the site and its influence upon the cultural landscape of Los Angeles. KNOWLEDGES engages the public in a unique opportunity to experience Mount Wilson Observatory through the lens of contemporary art.

Christina Ondrus, KNOWLEDGES Founder/Director, Co-Curator, is an artist whose work in painting, drawing and sculpture engages the paradox of ineffability—the articulation of experiences or insights that defy precise description, from the rational to the irrational. She received her MFA from the California Institute of the Arts and BFA from the Maryland Institute College of Art. Her work has been included in exhibitons at Artist Curated Projects, Public Fiction, and Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE). In 2010, she was an artist fellow with the Terra Foundation for American Art, in Giverny, France. She lives and works in Los Angeles.

Hosted by Monica Hicks.





GYST Radio: Malcolm Warner

Interview with Malcolm Warner, Executive Director, Laguna Art Museum.  Previously Malcolm was Deputy Director,  Kimbell Art Museum; Senior Curator of Paintings and Sculpture at the Yale Center for British Art; and Curator of European Art at the San Diego Museum of Art.

Born in Aldershot (UK), Malcolm pursued undergraduate and graduate studies at the Courtauld Institute of Art, University of London. He received his Ph.D. from the Courtauld in 1985. His doctoral dissertation was on the Pre-Raphaelite painter John Everett Millais. He remains the leading authority on Millais and, as a long-term project, is preparing a catalogue raisonné of the artist’s works.

His publications, both articles and essays, have ranged widely over European art, with an emphasis on art in Britain, from the eighteenth century to the twentieth. 

Recent exhibits Malcolm has curated are Stubbs and the Horse at the Kimbell Art Museum, the Walters Art Museum, Baltimore, and the National Gallery, London (2004-2005); The Mirror and the Mask: Portraiture in the Age of Picasso at the Kimbell and the Museo Thyssen-Bornemisza in Madrid (2007); and Butchers, Dragons, Gods & Skeletons: Film Installations by Philip Haas Inspired by Works in the Collection, also at the Kimbell (2009).

The Mirror and the Mask was Apollo magazine’s “Exhibition of the Year” in 2007, and Butchers, Dragons, Gods & Skeletons was listed as no. 7 in TIME magazine’s top ten exhibitions of 2009.

To learn more about upcoming events and exhibits at the Laguna Art Museum, visit

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.







GYST Radio: the Sargeants

Interview with the Sargeants, a very creative Orange County family.

Bruce (Dad), has SourceScientific, a medical device company;  Brad is an Art Director with major B2B, B2C expertise; Paul's love is photography, with his lovely wife and fellow photographer Leanne, they have; Eric with his love of illustration/drawing has found his passion as a landscape designer and urban planner, and Alex, a comedian and internet social media expert will release his 1st novel in July 2012. 




GYST Radio: Chris Hoff, Publisher/Contributor, OC Art Blog

Interview with Chris Hoff, Publisher/Contributor, OC Art Blog. 

Chris started the OC Art Blog in 2004, "as a way to build community and promote the marginalized but dynamic Orange County art scene."

"Chris is also responsible for the Hoff Foundation, a private arts foundation formed in 2008 with a commitment to and passion for the arts. The Hoff Foundation plays a significant and unique role in the development of the arts in Southern California by providing quarterly grants to artists and/or art organizations that are based in Orange County and/or Long Beach. As of January 2012, the Hoff Foundation has distributed over 30k in grants." 

For more information, please visit,




GYST Radio: Karen Moss and David Familian

Interview with Karen Moss, Adjunct Curator, Orange County Museum of Art, Senior Lecturer, Public Practice Program, Otis College of Art and Design and Faculty, Art and Curatorial Practice in the Public Sphere, USC Roski School of Fine Arts and David Famillian, Associate Director, UCI's Beall Center for Art and Technology, one of Orange County CA's dynamic creative couples.




GYST Radio: Richard Sudek, Ph.D.

Interview with Richard Sudek, Ph.D., Director, Leatherby Center for Entrepreneurship and Business Ethics, Chapman University; Chairman Emeritus, Tech Coast Angels.

After building and selling a successful high-technology company, Dr. Sudek's desire was to give back to the entrepreneurial community.  Through his pursuit of education, research and teaching, Dr. Sudek is now keenly focused on accelerating the success of entrepreneurs.  

For more information on Chapman's terrific programs, projects, seminars and other opportunities for SoCal's entrepreneurs, visit




GYST Radio: Erin Brown and Brad Rosen, the Charmer Foundation

Interview with Erin Brown and Brad Rosen, the Charmer Foundation.

Founded in 2010 by Brad Rosen and the friends and family of Brian Fyfe, the Charmer Foundation is a grassroots charitypromoting the legacy of Brian Fyfe whose passion was music.   Through scholarships for collegiate music study, donations of used/unused musical instruments to local SoCal elementary schools, and other music related endeavors, the Charmer Foundation honors Brian and passes on his dream.

For more information, visit the




GYST Radio: Julie Lee and David Lee

Interview with Julie Lee, Director of Collections, Bowers Museum and David Lee, Collections Manager, Chapman University and Curator, Coastline Community College Art Gallery, one of Orange County CA's dynamic creative couples.

Hosted by Susan L Petrella.




GYST Radio: Mia Tavonatti

Interview with Mia Tavonatti, an award-winning mosaic artist (ArtPrize 2010, 2nd Place and 2011 First Place!) and painterwho has been creating art professionally for over 20 years.  Her work can be found in numerous public, private, institution and corporate collections.

Mia's latest venture, "The Power of Words Project" is to bring the power of words to life by using the transformative influence of art through a community-based humanitarian mural project.

For more information on Mia and her work, please visit, or her foundation,



GYST Radio: Peter Clothier

Peter Clothier is an internationally-known writer who specializes in writing about art and artists. He believes in avoiding the jargon that obscures much current writing about art, and in writing simply, clearly, in language that the lay person can readily understand. He seeks to achieve a harmony of mind, heart, and body in his work, and looks for this quality in the artists he writes about. A reformed academic, now fifteen years in recovery, he has returned in recent years to teaching, in mostly non-traditional ways: in workshops, continuing groups, and individual coaching and mentoring for artists and writers.




Interview with Tom Lamb

Interview with Tom Lamb, an aerial, architecture, ethnographic, landscape and panorama photographer. 

Tom says "formally and informally being educated in a variety of politically, social, culturally and art-based environments, apprenticing with Aaron Siskind during graduate school, growing up in a creative household and working with great planners, conservationists, image-makers, storytellers and adventurists, has created the foundation for my image-making.  And my supportive family has energized my approach and vision"...

His latest exhibit, "Marks on the Land - The View from Here" can be seen at The Great Park Gallery...

More about Tom and his work at



GYST Radio: Anne Marie Panoringan

Interview with Anne Marie Panoringan about her creative life.

When Anne Marie's not freelancing for OC Weekly's food blog, Stick A Fork In it, she's personal assisting for TaskRabbit, or at CorePower Yoga, administrating their trade program.  And, soon she'll add another creative venture to her week, working in parks and recreation for an OC South County city.





GYST Radio: Amy Caterina



Interview with Amy Caterina, born in the Honeymoon Capital of the World, Niagara Falls NY, creator of Pseudo-Sod, who works with video, photography and fiber in amazing ways.  

During Fall 2011, Amy was the 1st Artist in Residence, Orange County Great Park, Irvine CA.  Her project “In Case You Get Lost's" objective was to photograph every visitor who came her studio for the duration of her residency.  Her other project, "Palm Tree Cozy" created with the fabulously talented "Stitchocracy" will be unveiled at the Orange County Great Park on April 28, 2012...

Early in her career, Amy co-founded Rat Powered Films with fellow artist Bob Pece, an organization dedicated to the presentation of art films from around the globe.

Amy currently teaches traditional photography, filmmaking, digital photography, and art history at Santa Ana College, Goldenwest College, Coastline College and Irvine Valley College. Caterina also works as a freelance curator.

Amy's upcoming events include a Spring 2012 fiber related show at SCA Gallery, Pomona CA and a Fall 2012 residency with Bob Pece at Northern Illinois University Art Museum, DeKalb IL and hopefully more "yarn bombing"!

Visit Amy at



GYST Radio: Grace Kook-Anderson and Lev Anderson

Interview with Grace Kook-Anderson, Curator of Exhibitions, Laguna Art Museum and Lev Anderson, Filmmaker and Photographer, one of Orange County CA's dynamic creative couples.




GYST Radio: Hybrid Artists Aili Schmeltz and Danielle McCullough

work by Aili Schmeltz

work by Aili Schmeltz

Interview with Aili Schmeltz and Danielle McCullough, two perfect examples of hybrid artists who actively exhibit their artwork while maintaining jobs that enable them to share their arts and research expertise (in teaching and library services respectively). The two artists recently created Los Angeles Art Resource, a website that serves as a forum for the exchange and sharing of comprehensive arts resources. Through the site, they aim to empower artists at critical points in their creative endeavors while providing a vehicle for the Los Angeles artistic community to help one another succeed. Show hosted by Kara Tome.




GYST Radio: Greg Escalante, co-founder of Juxtapoz Art Magazine

Interview with Greg Escalante... Greg is co-founder of Juxtapoz Art Magazine and writes on art for BL!SSS magazine as well as The Surfer's Journal.

He was founding president of Cal State Fullerton's and served in this position for 14 years.  He has curated several ground breaking art exhibits including Rick Griffin: Heart and Torch at Laguna Art Museum and Edgar Leeteg, The Father of The Black Velvet Painting at Huntington Beach Art Center.

Greg Escalante also executive produced the seminal lowbrow art documentary: The Treasures of Long Gone John.  Greg is also the owner of Copro Nason Gallery, located in Bergamot Stateion serving the needs of the LowBrow art world for the last 17 years.

When Greg's not publishing Juxtapoz, organizing and raising funds for exhibits, curating artworks for his gallery, and leading other art-related endeavors, he can be found in Southern California where he resides, paddle-surfing one of his favorite breaks.

For more information visit Juxtapoz Art Magazine and Copro Gallery.




GYST Radio: Margaret Danielak

Curator, art rep and ArtNetwork Press author, Margaret Danielak, produces innovative art-related events in alternative venues.  Over the past twelve years, her company, Pasadena-based DanielakArt has exhibited the work of its artists in Pasadena among other locations.  In 2011, she was appointed the Curator of Exhibitions for The Women’s City Club of Pasadena at the Historic Blinn House – taking over the space from The California Art Club

A workshop leader and art marketing expert, Danielak holds a B.A. in History from the University of California at Berkeley.  She was a Producer Fellow at The American Film Institute and is the author of the highly-rated handbook for fine artists, A Gallery Without Walls.

Active in the Pasadena community, Danielak served on the Junior League of Pasadena’s ART SMART Committee. She is a member of the Pasadena Arts Council, the Southern California Women's Caucus for Art (SCWCA) and The Women's City Club of Pasadena.  

A Gallery Without Walls: Selling Art in Alternative Venues is the fifth book in ArtNetwork Press’ highly-regarded “101” series and was a featured selection of North Light Book Club.  The book was given a “must buy” rating by the Midwest Book Review for Librarians in the United States and Canada.  The book guides artists in creating their own gallery environment for exhibition and sales opportunities without relying upon traditional venues.





GYST Radio: Gina Genis

Interview with Gina Genis, Fine Art Photographer. 

Here's what OC Weekly's David Burton had to say about Gina's latest work, Things We Leave Behind. 

"Given access to the home of a recently deceased hoarder, Genis photographed the accumulated garbage, as the house was being prepped for a radical cleaning. She rescued piles of insect-damaged books, boxes of obsessively itemized objects, handwritten notes and furniture destined for the trash heap, including a telephone so filthy it would keep a mysophobe awake at night. Laid out on display, the installation borders on the edge of the exploitative, but Genis' preservation of the man's ephemeral legacy—however ______ , is treated with a tenderness that seems sadly to have been missing from her subject's life while he was still breathing."

For more information, visit - Gina Genis Photo & Workshops - Art - Field Workshops - Online Wrkshps





GYST Radio: Zov Karmardian


Interview with Zov Karmardian, SoCal's very own world-renowned chef, and critically acclaimed culinary entrepreneur. 

Inspired by Julia Child, Zov's passion for delicious food and family, has led to a dazzling culinary empire, Zov's Bistro & Bakery, Tustin, Zov's Neighborhood Cafes and Bar in Irvine and Newport Beach, two quick casual concepts called Zov's at John Wayne Airport and a much-in-demand catering company, Zov’s Premiere Catering & Special Events.

Not content with being just a restaurateur and wanting to share her love and passion for cooking, Zov has authored two best-selling and critically acclaimed cookbooks.  Her first, “Recipes and Memories of Heart,” was an enormous hit with more than 50,000 copies sold around the world.

Her most recent tome, “Simply Zov,” is experiencing brisk sales.  Her favorite recipe in "Simply Zov"? Cabbage Salad with Bulgur.

Despite her enormous success, Zov believes she has only just scratched the surface of her abilities as a chef/restaurateur and still considers herself a student of food and culture. 

Would you like to know more? Purchase a cookbook, make a reservation? Visit





GYST Radio: Jeff Gates, Outtacontext

Jeff Gates is both a storyteller and a synthesizer. His core philosophy is A+B=C. Take Encounter A, mix its meaning with Encounter B to create something new and insightful. This is his constant quest.

He is the Lead Producer in New Media Initiatives at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. In 2005 he proposed and helped launch the Smithsonian's first blog, Eye Level. He's interested in how new technologies are changing museum's organizational structures and has written about social media's transformational effects on museums.

In his off hours Jeff is a writer, a photographer, and a net-based artist. His writings and commentary can be found on his blog Life Outtacontext. In 1999 he used eBay to auction his personal demographics. In response to 9/11 he created Dichotomy, It Was a Matter of Time and Place, and, to the chagrin of even his most avant garde friends, in 2009 he tweeted his root canal live to dentists across North America. Presently, Jeff is working on a series of posters dealing with the political rancor in American culture under the guise of the Chamomile Tea Party.

And, last but not least, he represents the male gender in his family of two daughters and wife. This requires his communication skills be up-to-snuff on a regular basis.





GYST Radio: Carolin Peters, ThinkTank4Change

Interview with Carolin Peters, fine artist, educator and dynamo behind ThinkTank4Change. 

Carolin's exhibition record notably includes group and juried shows all over California. Galleries and other venues she has exhibited at include Koplin del Rio (Culver City), Arena 1 (Santa Monica), I-5 Gallery (Los Angeles) and the The Look Gallery (Los Angeles). Currently she is represented by Ann Nathan Gallery in Chicago.

Carolin's won multiple awards such as The Art Renewal Center Merit and Purchase Awards, Best of Show Award from the Pacific Art Foundation or the Passport to China Scholarship from the Contemporary Chinese Fine Art Gallery.

Choosing to lead an artist’s life has come with many challenges as well as rewards. In a culture where the arts are more often seen as an expendable frill rather than an essential necessity, finding the worth and validity of her choice has inspired many of her insights, paintings and undertakings. Championing the feminine aspects of the human experience, such as intuition, sensuality, analogous learning, mystery and beauty have become her passion.

Carolin shares this passion and gained knowledge not only with her students at Laguna College of Art and Design, Saddleback Community College and her private studio, but also with the general public at various speaking engagements, as well as through her open group ThinkTank4Change.

Carolin is currently in the process of building her business Immersive Art Spaces of Awe, which seeks to nurture, heal and reconnect people with their innate sense of wonder and awe through art.




GYST Radio: Spay and Neuter Clinic during Artwalk

Interview with Tommy Martinez, graphic designer and creative entrepreneur, Planet Tnez and Zia Bossenmeyer, FTA Spay & Neuter Clinic.

Join Tommy and Zia this Saturday, February 11th,  for a terrific fundraiser for FTA Spay & Neuter Clinic at Planet Tnez, during Downtown Anaheim's Art Crawl.

Tommy says "Be Creative".  For more information on his creative ventures, visit,, 





Kara Tome Interviews NewTown

NewTown and SCREAM, (The Southern California Resource for Electro-Acoustic Music)         

NewTown and SCREAM, (The Southern California Resource for Electro-Acoustic Music)



Guests will be NewTown founder Richard Amromin, associate artistic director Paul Shepherd and board president Beth Block.

NewTown is an artist-run organization dedicated to providing creative exhibition opportunities for their colleagues throughout Southern California.

NewTown has brought cutting-edge media, music, dance, performance and visual arts to over 100,000 people in wildly diverse sites, including the streets, alleyways, plazas, storefronts, parking lots, a hiking trail in the San Gabriel Mountains, a swimming pool and even a church basement.




Interview with Kara W. Tome

Kara Walker Tomé has vast experience in the visual arts. Currently she is an independent curator and arts writer (and now a Media Director!) but also has experience in making and exhibiting art, teaching art, arts programming, fundraising, grant writing, marketing, PR, event management, and more. This broad training (including an MFA from CalArts) and a DIY personality, led to her forming ArtSite Projects in 2001 to create, curate, produce and publicize innovative art exhibitions. Kara spent the last decade living in Palm Beach County, Florida where she created one-night, site-specific, multi-media installation exhibitions and performances in settings such as a boutique hotel, a self-storage unit facility, a Laundromat and empty residential houses. As the only alternative exhibitions occurring in the area, they became renowned. Her most popular Showtel exhibition ran annually for eight years, had a 1000% percent increase in attendance (from 200 the first year to 2,000) and substantial local press coverage. She is currently strategizing about creating similar art events in the Los Angeles area. Check out her web site at for more info:

Kara is a also a free-lance writer for The Art Economist magazine, a subscriber-based publication for which she writes Artists to Watch profiles. Past positions in two states include: Director of Education and Public Programs, Palm Beach Institute of Contemporary Art, FL; Director of Program Development, Armory Art Center, West Palm Beach, FL; Youth Program Director, Friends of the Junior Arts Center, Los Angeles, CA; Marketing and PR Manager, Armory Center for the Arts, Pasadena, CA; Program Manager, Inner-City Arts, Los Angeles, CA. Her accomplishments in FL earned her a MUSE nomination from the Palm Beach Cultural Council and a Mastermind Award from New Times Magazine.



GYST Radio: Mark Shull, Wealth Fitness

Mark Shull is the founder and Principal of The Wealth Fitness Group, a Registered Investment Advisory and Financial Life Planning firm serving the California communities of Culver City and the Palos Verdes Peninsula.

Mark brings a wealth of experience to his financial planning practice. While working in the corporate world of aerospace he experienced first hand many of life’s transitions and the associated impact they have on a family’s financial life. As a Principal with a Big Five consulting firm, serving the financial services and healthcare industries, he gained the critical understanding surrounding the issues clients face day to day. Through his registration with the California Tax Education Council he also understands the impact tax compliance has on financial decisions and every day life.

Mark possesses over 20 years of financial and real estate investment experience and wisdom. He also carries a lifetime of learning gained from his father who was an investment banker his entire career. As an Enrolled Agent he understands the impact that proactive tax planning and compliance has on financial decisions and every day life.




GYST Radio: Julie Lee, Director of Collections, Bowers Museum

Interview with Julie Lee, Director of Collections, Bowers Museum. From curating recent exhibits at the Bowers Museum such as Spirits and Headhunters: Art of the Pacific Islands and Warriers, Tombs and Temples: China's Enduring Legacy, to collecting contemporary art to her passion for organic gardening which she chronicles at, Julie's life is about the arts, creative individuals and creativity.



GYST Radio: Adam Leipzig, publisher, online magazine, Cultural Weekly

Interview with Adam Leipzig, publisher, the fast-growing online magazine,  Adam's also launched the GET STARTED Teleseminar Series for Entrepreneurs and Creators, for more information visit,



GYST Radio: Nancy Fox, Negotiation Fox

Nancy James Fox’s knowledge of negotiating and consensus building is founded upon extensive training and study of the most highly touted methodologies and experts in the field. However, it is the application of these practices throughout her career that has given her unique insights to the field. Ms. Fox has held top-level management positions with both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations. For 16 years, she was U.S. Managing Director for the Swiss luxury

watch company, Jaeger-LeCoultre, building that company from a virtual unknown to one of the most prestigious brands in the industry. As CEO of the Museum of Latin American Art, she led a capital campaign and expansion project that doubled the size of the facility and catapulted

the organization to international renown. She has also served as Executive Director of the Long Beach Symphony. Over the course of her career, her negotiation skills have returned literally millions of dollars to her employers. Her experience and passion for the subject led to the founding of her negotiation workshop business, Negotiation Fox in 2010 and Negotiation-4-the- Arts in 2011.

She earned her B.A. from Macalester College and an advanced degree from the Conservatory of Music in Frankfurt, Germany. Subsequently, she studied business law, finance and marketing at Shenandoah University. In 2004, she received a fellowship to the Stanford Graduate School of Business, where she earned a certificate in Executive Leadership in the Non-profit Arts. Ms. Fox served on the California Association of Museums’ Board for ten years, and on the boards of Long Beach Opera and Long Beach Nonprofit Partnership.




GYST Radio: Interview with Alex Baiedi and Danny Nguyen, co-founders, kellokult

Interview with Alex Baiedi and Danny Nguyen, co-founders, kellokult. kellokult says: "We are a group of individuals based in Southern California, from Los Angeles to Orange County, dedicated to one thing: Art. We design and create quality vinyl art skins for electronic devices, such as mobile phones, laptops, tablets, game controllers, and many more.

Our decals are made and produced in the USA, and we use quality vinyl that is scratch resistant, durable, and waterproof. We design our skins and wraps to fit your devices perfectly, and print using only the best. Our decals are easy to install and leaves no residue once removed.

Since our start in 2010, we have grown to become noticed locally and internationally for our quality and customer support. "

For more information, visit and


GYST Radio: Andre Woodward, SoCal based Artist and Sculptor

Interview with Andre Woodward, SoCal based Artist and Sculptor.  Andre Woodward works are set in the midst of art and science. He blurs the line of life and art, by creating micro-environments of sound and light to maintain and support living plants. Living and non living systems coexists in environments made of bits of asphalt and concrete, sounds recorded from roadways together with weeds and bugs into a structured system of water, light and sound.

Timers simulate night and day alternation, and the plants are left on their own to grow by retrieving resources from their surroundings. His work demonstrates how natural living systems can adapt to the systems created by humans. He says about his works:“It’s representational of an evolution of everything"." (

For more on Andre's fabulous installations, visit




GYST Radio: Robin G. Fuld and Kathleen Updyke Barrett

Interview with Robin G. Fuld, Director of Career Services, Laguna College Art + Design (LCAD) and Kathleen Updyke Barrett, Manager, DeRus Fine Arts and First Thursday ArtWalk (FTAW) member, Laguna Beach CA.  Robin and Kathleen talk about the Professional Mentoring Program for fine artists, a collaboration of FTAW galleries and LCAD students. The program celebrates it's 10th year in December.





GYST Radio: Lindsay Obermeyer

Lindsay Obermeyer is an author, educator, and artist with a passion for textiles. A natural born colorist with an eye for detail, Lindsay has been exhibiting her work in galleries and museums around the world for over 20 years, including the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston and the Museum of Art and Design in New York. Her designs have been included in 6 instructional books published by Lark Books, while her writing has been published in Fiberarts, Knit.1 and Reinventing Textiles: Gender and Identity.

Since its inception in 2004, Lindsay's community artwork The Red Thread Project© has involved thousands of knitters from around the world and over 6,000 handmade hats donated to charity. The project has received national media attention and been award the prestigious Kresge Foundation grant in collaboration with the St. Louis art education agency Springboard.

Lindsay views her role as artist to be synonymous with that of an educator and as such has always included teaching as part of her art practice. She's never sure who learns more, her or her students. She's taught at schools, universities, guilds, and shops with students ranging in age from three to 92.

Born in St. Louis, Lindsay now resides in Chicago with her daughter Emily and two zany dogs, Jack and Josie. When not in the studio, she may be found puttering in the garden, experimenting in the kitchen, or at a coffee shop perusing the latest travel magazines.



GYST Radio: Amir Banifatemi, Kai Tao, Co-Founders, K5 Initiative


Interview with Amir Banifatemi, Kai Tao, Co-Founders, K5 Initiative.  K5 Initiative announces K5 Launch.  K5 Launch hosts, invests and accelerates early stage game-changing technology driven businesses led by visionary founders.  For more information, please visit




GYST Radio: John Spiak, Director of CSUF's Grand Central Art Center

Interview with John D. Spiak, Director/Chief Curator, California State University Fullerton's Grand Central Art Center.  John is an Orange County native, previously Curator, Arizona State University Art Museum where his curatorial emphasis was on contemporary art and society, with a focus on works in social practice and video. 




GYST Radio: John Wayne Airport Art

Interview with John Wayne Airport Arts Commission Chair, Karin Schnell, Vice Chair, Darlene D'Angelo and Artist, Beth Nybeck. 

On Monday, November 14, 2011, John Wayne Airport, to celebrate the opening of Terminal C, unveils four superb new exhibitions : "In Plane View", The Boeing Company", Orange County: Destination Art & Culture and Beth Nybeck's "Flight of Ideas". 

Beth Nybeck's sculpture, "Flight of Ideas" composed of 21 aluminum birds with 3-14 feet wing spans and displaying aeronautical charts, has been installed above the baggage carousels in Terminal C. 

All exhibits are on view for the general public and travelers.






GYST Radio: Mike Blockstein, Principal of Public Matters

Public Matters is an interdisciplinary California-based social enterprise comprised of artists, media professionals and educators. We design and implement integrated new media, education and civic engagement projects that yield long-term community benefits.

They offer consulting services in program design + implementation, curriculum development, cultural + visual production, new media, community-building and leadership development.

Their work is distinctive for its creativity, depth, breadth and ability to create cross-sector partnerships between community organizations, academic institutions, neighborhood residents, youth and local municipalities. It spans a broad range of constituents and concerns: community building, economic development, neighborhood identity, youth leadership, and public health.

Mike Blockstein, Principal, is a visual artist and educator working in cross-disciplinary community-based public art projects that utilize a sense of place as a mechanism to address social, cultural and built environments. Connecting artistic processes, leadership development and civic engagement, he has created and led projects nationally with youth, community development and arts organizations.






GYST Radio: Jeff Lebow, Co-Founder, The Harvest Club

Interview with Jeff Lebow, Co-Founder, The Harvest Club.

Jeff Lebow, born in New York, raised and educated in Southern California, now lives with his wife, Fran, in Huntington Beach, California. Jeff’s journey has taken him from middle class kid, to UCLA graduate, to political activist, to preschool teacher, to communal living, to food coop founder, to snack food entrepreneur, to energy efficiency consultant, to economic development practitioner, to founder of The Huntington Beach Employment Council, to co-founder, The Harvest Club of Orange County.

Jeff believes that our ability to cope with significant future challenges will be best met through community solutions. The Harvest Club, founded in 2008, is connected to an emerging food evolution.  Food is basic to life and our survival. The Harvest Club redistributes excess food, grown by homeowners, to Orange County residents who are food dependent.  Jeff will discuss how through food, community is built.




GYST Radio: Brianna Karp, Author, Girl's Guide to Homelessness

Interview with Brianna Karp, Author, Girl's Guide to Homelessness.

Brianna Karp was born on March 6, 1985 and was raised in Orange County, California. To outsiders Brianna’s life appeared normal, but at home it was anything but.  Brianna endured constant mistreatment from her parents: molested by her father at the age of two and abused by her mother until a late teen. She got her first job at age ten, a legal work permit at age twelve, and supported her mother and younger sister by working multiple jobs from age twelve to eighteen, when she left home.  A few years later, her life seemed to be turning around when she landed an Executive Assistant position earning $50,000 a year, but everything changed drastically in 2008 when she was laid off due to recessionary cutbacks. 

With no safety net and unable to live with family and friends, Brianna eventually began living in a trailer at a Walmart parking lot.  While searching for permanent employment, Brianna decided to write about her homeless experiences and started the blog TheGirlsGuidetoHomelessness. As the popularity of her blog increased, her life took a downward spiral, and Brianna was soon faced with insurmountable challenges.

Today, Brianna is a Marketing Assistant for the South Coast Repertory and is seeking a permanent residence. She is also the co-founder of World Homeless Day, a spokesperson for the homeless, and a passionate advocate for the issues of homelessness.




Interview with Laurie Hassold, Multimedia Artist and Educator

Interview with Laurie Hassold, Multimedia Artist and Educator.

Laurie Hassold, multi media artist and educator (born in Louisville, Kentucky) has spent most of her life in southern California.  She teaches sculpture, drawing and 3D design at Orange Coast College, Irvine Valley College and Santa Ana College, respectively.  Recent solo exhibitions include Bert Green Fine Art, Los Angeles, Track 16 Gallery, Santa Monica and Grand Central Art Center, Santa Ana.  Her work was featured in the "Art Shack" show at Laguna Beach Art Museum in 2010, and will part of the "Extreme Materials II" exhibition this fall at the Memorial Art Gallery in Rochester, New York.  In 2007, Hassold was delegate speaker and exhibiting artist for the symposium "Confronting Mortality with Art and Science" in Antwerp, Belgium. 

Many of the dichotomous themes Hassold works with today can be traced back to a childhood spent hanging around her father's medical office.  Looking at her own blood under the microscope was her earliest experience with the disparity between outside/inside and mind/body.  At age 11, she observed her father assist on a complete hysterectomy and was allowed to feel the reproductive organs as they were removed from the patient's body.  These visceral experiences of the body's internal structures were in stark contrast with the 1960's velvet flocked wallpaper and crystal chandeliers of her mother's house.  As a result, the tension between mind/body, life/death, inside/outside and beauty/repulsion have become the aesthetic foundation for much of the work Hassold does today.






Interview with Kelly Smith, Founder - Center for Living Peace

Interview with Kelly Smith, Founder - Center for Living Peace

Kelly Smith says “Good Happens”. The Center for Living encourages children and adults to “Be the Change they wish to see in the world”.  The holistic four pillar approach acknowledges that peace can be lived and experienced in all aspects of our daily lives. The work of uncovering peace is not just through conflict resolution and mediation – it is in the way we care for our environment, appreciate arts and culture, and in every word we speak and every action we take.

In partnership with the University of California, Irvine, the Center for Living Peace sponsors Living Peace, a series of conversations with international leaders committed to making the world a healthy, sustainable, and compassionate place. The Living Peace Series encourages their guests to take action.  Past speakers for the Living Peace Series have included Charlize Theron, Sir Richard Branson and His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Ms. Smith is also an active philanthropist in Orange County and beyond, most notably as a member of the Orange County Community Foundation Board of Directors. She is also on the Western Regional Advisory Board of Jumpstart and has played an active role in their well-known Read for the Record event. Kelly is also on the Foundation Board of the Orange County High School of the Arts.



GYST Radio: LA Road Concerts

Kate Durbin, "Pile of Panties." 2011.

Kate Durbin, "Pile of Panties." 2011.

Los Angeles Road Concerts seeks to investigate the possibilities of LA's lengthy streets as sites for artistic exploration while using the street itself as a cross-section to observe the city's diversity of landscapes and people, how the Los Angeles metropolis grew, and the massive in-between and negative spaces it left behind as it expanded. How can we generate a new kind of LA experience, utilizing its car culture to find meaning and bring attention to a collection of less obvious destinations? Additionally, through a wide open call process, Los Angeles Road Concerts brings together art school graduates, working artists, local residents and other creative people to realize a broad array of kinds of interactions with the sites. 

Participants find unlikely audiences, people who may have never been to a gallery space but who ultimately take great interest in participants' work.





GYST Radio: Lindon A. Crow, Personal Growth Coach

Interview with Lindon A. Crow, Personal Growth Coach.

Lindon A. Crow grew up in San Clemente and San Luis Obispo. He is currently part of a small but strong personal development organization called Productive Learning & Leisure where he lives out his passion of learning the power of the mind. His background in Psychology and Religious Studies aids him in his pursuit to understand himself completely.

Realizing this is a lifelong mission, he has now dedicated his life and career to continually becoming more aware of the belief systems that each unique individual functions out of. Lindon believes that the right choice is always present to us, the problem is many times it is clouded with false beliefs and unjustified assumptions.

Through gaining this understanding of where these thoughts come from, an awareness of how they function in the present and a vision of what a more prosperous life would look like, Lindon is well on his way to help himself and others lead an extraordinary life.



GYST Radio: Gregorio Luke, Impresario - Murals under the Stars

Interview with Gregorio Luke, Impresario - Murals under the Stars

Gregorio Luke is an expert on Mexican and Latin American art and culture. Mr. Luke has presented over 1,000 lectures in museums and universities throughout Mexico, Europe and the United States in institutions such as the Library of Congress, The Smithsonian Institution, the San Diego Museum of Art, the Detroit Institute of Art, and Universities such as Harvard, Columbia, UNAM and Georgetown, among others.

He is the former Director of the Museum of Latin American Art in Long Beach, former Consul of Cultural Affairs of Mexico in Los Angeles and the First Secretary of the Embassy of Mexico in Washington D.C.

In 1995, Luke was honored with the Irving Leonard Award by the Hispanic Society of the Library of Congress. In 2005, The Ebell Club of Los Angeles honored him with a Life-time Achievement Award. In 2006, Luke received the El Angel Award by the Bilingual Foundation of the Arts and in 2007 he was recognized by CATE (California Association of Teacher’s in English) for promoting literacy in public schools. And in 2008 he received the Local Hero Award of KCET.



GYST Radio: Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Board, Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

Interview with Craig Kausen, Chairman of the Board, Chuck Jones Center for Creativity

Growing up in Newport Beach in the 1960s and ‘70s, Craig Kausen had the most typical of southern California childhoods; lots of outdoor activities, swimming, body-surfing, horse-back riding.  However, his formative years were unusual in many other ways; the grandson of Academy Award-winning animation director and creator, Chuck Jones, Kausen was the middle child of Jones’ only child, Linda, who (with her father) is credited with launching the animation art industry in the late 1970s. 

With a UCLA computer engineering degree, in 1985, Kausen began working for Hughes Aircraft developing embedded multi-processor computer systems for Navy display systems. 

In early 1991, he joined his mother (and brother Todd,) at Linda Jones Enterprises, Inc. Kausen’s creative foresight, engineering experience, entrepreneurial and competitive spirit have significantly impacted the success of not only the Chuck Jones Galleries (Tustin, San Diego, Santa Fe) but with the retirement of Linda Jones in 2002, he became President and recently CEO of LJE where his expertise has positioned the corporation for future success.  His visionary outlook and his earnest humility have made him one of the art industry’s leading business talents. 

Kausen also serves as Chairman of the Board, the Chuck Jones Center for Creativity.  Founded in 1999 by Chuck Jones, the Center promotes creativity, especially in children but open to all, utilizing the films, writings and art of the legendary artist, Chuck Jones. 


GYST Radio: Mildred Inez Lewis

Interview with Mildred Inez Lewis, Assistant Professor, English Department, Chapman University and Co-Founder, Fox Lewis Project.

Mildred Inez Lewis began her career as a theater director at the Actors Studio in New York. Since earning her MFA in film and television at UCLA, her screenplays and plays have been produced and screened internationally. Mildred taught at Chapman University’s Dodge College of Film Media Arts from 2000 to 2010. In 2010, she began teaching film and digital humanities in Chapman’s English Department. This year, she will serve as a University Faculty Mentor. In 2009, she co-founded the Fox Lewis Project, a production company. In 2011, the Project produced viral content for HBO’s True Blood and projects for corporate clients including mUrgent and IM=X Pilates. She has served as a juror for the CINE Golden Eagle (short subject) and Eastman Kodak’s International Film Competition. From 2006 to 2008, she served on the advisory board for She has also been a board member of the University Film and Video Association.



GYST Radio: Amber Kandarian, Founder, DocuThesis

Interview with Amber Kandarian, Founder of DocuThesis.

Docuthesis started as an idea in 2005 after the release of the feature documentary Respect the Doc.

Visit and for more information.



GYST Radio:  Susan Petrella

Susan L. Petrella, MBA, is Creative Director, Creative Orange County, a “think tank” @ the intersection of culture, commerce and community. Their vision is to inspire, engage Orange County CA to be a Creative Community Showcase via partnerships and collaborations with likeminded individuals and organizations. A strategic thinker, analyst, branding expert, over the years, she’s led multimillion$ entrepreneurial endeavors, 2-45 person teams, for public (social enterprise, academia, Top US Arts Institution) and private organizations (Fortune 50, Fortune 500, Corporate $200M+, small business).



GYST Radio: Suvan Geer and Cathy Salser, A Window Between Worlds

Interview with Suvan Geer and Cathy Salser, A Window Between Worlds.

Suvan Geer was one of the 5 founding artists, Santa Ana's oldest non-profit alternative art space, The Orange County Center for Contemporary Art.  Geer's art works are based in nature, explore change and things on the verge of disappearing. She exhibits nationally and internationally.  For the last 20 years Suvan has served on the board of A Window Between Worlds.

Cathy Salser, Founder, A Window Between Worlds (AWBW), has spent 20+ years working with battered women and their children, offering art as a resource for healing and empowerment.  Through drawing, sculpture, painting, writing, survivors learn ways to tap into their own imagination, self-worth, hope and vision.

Please join Suvan and Cathy for - - BALM FOR THE SOUL: An Art Experience, Balsamic Tasting, Saturday, September 10, 2011, 3 – 6 pm at the House of Balsamic, 5 Mason Ave., Suite 200, Irvine, CA.

It's a celebration of AWBW’s 20 anniversary and an effort to raise funds to support a 72% increase in its programs.  The event will feature a champagne reception, Balsamic vinegar tastings, appetizers provided by Creative Cakes by Dorkas, a healing art workshop experience, soft jazz by Brass on Ivory and opportunity drawings.  An AWBW survivor and artist will also share her story about the healing power of Windows’ art workshops. 

Tickets for the event are $20 and can be purchased at  For additional event information call 714.602-2256 or visit



GYST Radio: Krystal Glasman, Director of Programs, CSUF Grand Central Art Center

Interview with Krystal Glasman, Director of Programs, CSUF Grand Central Art Center.

Krystal Glasman was born in Anaheim, California to a supportive, hard-working father and a witty, unreserved mother.  Her parents claim the clever combination of her first and last names is a coincidence.  She grew up in Riverside, California and fueled her creative drive by writing for her high school newspaper, working back stage on theatre productions and volunteering at the Riverside Art Museum.  After nineteen years of living in the Inland Empire, Glasman moved to Fullerton, California where she studied art at CSUF.  She received her BA in Art Education and her MA in Exhibition Design.  She has curated shows at Go, Rilla Gallery, Begovich Gallery and the Grand Central Art Center where she currently works as Director of Programs.  She is also a contributing writer to the OC Art Blog. Her creative interests include watercolor, artist books, and music by the B-52s.

CSUF Grand Central Art Center:


Chaos Job: Restrain Order   

an installation by George Herms in the Main Gallery

Byblos: Return To My Inspiration 

featuring artist-in-residence Choucrallah Fattouh in the Project Room


featuring the residents of GCAC in the Sales Gallery.



GYST Radio: Archer Altstaetter, Boink Events.

Interview with Archer Altstaetter, Boink Events.

Archer was raised on a farm in OHIO.  He started dancing at 12 and went on his first national tour at 17.  Archer moved to Orange County in 1991 where he worked for Disney (original Cast of Fantasmic).  He opened his own Dance Studio, Dance Emotion in Irvine in 1997 (528 students) which he closed in 2009.  Archer returned to the stage in "Hello Dolly" in 2010. 

In 2004, he launched Boink Events.  Boink Events produces Santa Ana’s Summer Concert Series, the Music and More Fest, Arts Showcases and Fashion Shows.

And in 2008, he co-founded Orange County Equality Coalition in 2008.  This past year, he co-chaired Orange County’s Harvey Milk Celebration. 

More information at- - and



Interview with Mel Smothers, Brooklyn-based painter

Welcome Brooklyn-based artist Mel Smothers. He has a series of paintings called "Dear Andy..." Smothers adopts the postcard format in his compositions, with each work personally addressed to Andy Warhol. Beginning “Dear Andy…,” and replete with postmarks rendered in paint, each piece incorporates Warholian images in order to establish a posthumous dialogue with the seminal pop artist.

Smothers integrates text into his paintings, following in the tradition of such artists as Vincent van Gogh and Charles Marion Russell, the 19th century landscape painter of the American West, both of whom combined drawings and text in their personal correspondence. Smothers juxtaposes word and image to express his connection to Warhol’s work. After Warhol’s estate in Montauk was sold in 2006, Smothers visited the sprawling 5.6-acre oceanfront property on the eastern tip of Long Island, in his words, “to get a sense of the place.” During that time, he was struck by the contrast between the natural environment and Warhol’s mass produced pop art images. In response, he began making postcard-style paintings to “report back” on the things he saw in Montauk.

A graduate of California State University and the University of Idaho, Smothers relocated from California to the East Coast in 1999 to pursue his career in New York City. His work has been included in both solo and group shows throughout the United States, as well as in public art and multi-media projects, and the performing arts.



GYST Radio: Summercamp's Project

An artist space founded by Janice Gomez, Fatima Hoang and Elonda Billera.

Liza Wade Green is a Brooklyn-based performing artist who enjoys creating collaborative works that blend playful storytelling with athletic movement. As a performer, writer and director, she has collaborated on dozens of original pieces of dance and theatre in theUnited States, Canada, and Europe. Her site-specific dance/theater work, HILLHOUSE MINE, is being presented as part of Summercamp’s Project Project’s Friday Night Lights and Sunday Afternoons exhibition on August 19th and 21st.

Janice Gomez is an artist, educator and art organizer based in Los Angeles. She was born and raised in Honolulu, Hawai'i and holds a BA in a Special Major combining Photography, Performance and Filipino-American Studies from San Francisco State University and an MFA in Installation and Photography from Claremont Graduate University. Janice's work explores concepts of accessibility and self-awareness both in physical and mental space. These works, conceptually driven, may manifest in labyrinth installations, collective interaction, intimate performances or air guitar exhibitions. She currently teaches at The Armory Center for the Arts, LACMA and Otis College of Art and Design.



GYST Radio: Keiko Beatie, Curator, Laguna Beach Film Society

Interview with Keiko Beatie, Curator, Laguna Beach Film Society.  The Laguna Beach Film Society is associated with the Laguna Art Museum, which brings new and independent films to its members each month. 

Beatie has been/is a contributing writer for Film and Digital Media Net and has written for Moving Pictures Magazine, Alma Surf Magazine-Brazil, Wavescape Surf–South Africa, Kodak Campus Beat and Film Festival Today Magazine, specializing in Film Festival coverage, film reviews and other related subjects. 

As a Creative Consultant, Curator, Jury Member and Programmer for a number of festivals a few of the organizations she has worked for have been: Anchorage International Film Festival, Malibu International Film Festival, Delray Beach Film Festival, San Diego Cinema Society, Sneak Previews, University of California Irvine, Los Angeles Asian Film Festival, Alma Surf Festival–Brazil, Ombak Surf Festival-Bali, Taranaki Surf Film Festival-New Zealand, Alpinist Film Festival, San Luis Obispo Film Festival, and Denver International Film Festival. She was the Director of Program Development/Special Projects for the Newport Beach Film Festival for a number of years and during that time inspired and assisted many filmmakers to higher prominence within their craft.  While there she also created the Action Sports Cinema and many other film festivals have followed with that same concept.

Her passion and knowledge has leaded her to become an expert in the action sports films primarily surf and skateboarding films programming.  She is now working with a new release A DEEPER SHADE OF BLUE by Jack McCoy, which has won Audience Award at Maui Film Festival, Durban International and Santa Barbara Film Festival and will have its theatrical release this coming Spring 2012.



GYST Radio: Darlene D. DeAngelo, Curator and Artist Julia Haft-Candell

Interview with Darlene D. DeAngelo, Curator, Huntington Beach Art Center and Julia Haft-Candell, Artist, "String Theory". 

Huntington Beach Art Center's latest exhibit, "String Theory" is a contemporary exhibition which features new works by Julia Haft-Candell and Julia Couzens. Both artists use a variety of materials such as thread, tape, twine, rope, porcelain, yarn and scraps of found textiles to create works that engage multiple subjects including narrative and abstraction. The visibly labor-intensive process that each artist employs is evident in both 2D wall works and 3D sculptural works. 

Tonight at Late 8 (8/16/11) , both Julias will discuss their works in the galleries.  And Late 8 tomorrow night (8/17/11), the artists will sign the catalogue which has an essay by Christopher Miles.

Christopher Miles says, "And yet for all the fraility and vulnerability, they also have a vibrance, and a stirring pathos, and they manage more often to make one smile over the possibility that bunch a yarn or clay or sticks - a bunch of cheap materials - with lots of flaws and funny looks, goofy manners and odd quirks, clear fragility, obvious wear and tear, and surprising determination, might turn out to be something someone can retae to with gravitas, wonder, humor, and romance. "



GYST Radio: Lev Anderson, Documentary Filmmaker

Interview with Lev Anderson.  Born and raised in Portland OR, Lev has had a lifelong love for music, art, history and politics. His first video experiences were on the family’s VHS camera shooting fictional adventures, faux newscasts, and satires of MTV. He attended Beloit College (Beloit, WI) where he majored in Political Science and created a minor in Environmental Ethics (’98).  Lev moved to the Bay Area in 2001 where he worked for five years as an urban planning consultant, working on several bicycle plans and other transportation planning projects.  After planning the cities of the future, Lev bailed out of the bureaucracy and landed a gig as outreach coordinator for the PBS documentary THE REAL DIRT ON FARMER JOHN. 

In 2010, Lev completed his first feature, the award-winning documentary EVERYDAY SUNSHINE: THE STORY OF FISHBONE which he co-directed and co-produced with Chris Metzler. The Laurence Fishburne-narrated EVERYDAY SUNSHINE, premiered at the 2010 Los Angeles Film Festival will be released theatrically in Fall 2011. Lev is currently in production on two new documentary projects, MODEL CITY and BINARY DEMISE.  

Visit, for more information.



GYST Radio: Laurel Beckman, polymorphic artist/professor

Working with and nurturing eccentric public spaces, Laurel Beckman highlights perception and public display. Attending to themes at the crossroads of consciousness + social conditions, meta-physics + science, Beckman’s practice investigates perceptual phenomena, language, the built environment, and affect. Employing a wide range of media and distribution strategies, her sanctioned and unsanctioned projects often enlist commercial and civic spaces in efforts to contribute meaningfully to the cultural landscape. She is a professor of art at the University of California Santa Barbara.

Interview with Jeannie Denholm, Partner, SCAPE



GYST Radio: Jeannie Denholm, Partner, SCAPE

Interview with Jeannie Denholm, Partner, SCAPE (Southern California Art Projects and Exhibitions), Corona del Mar, CA.  

Jeannie Denholm has been in the art business for over 20 years and has an extensive background assisting corporations and private collectors with art acquisitions and curatorial services. She established an independent business offering art services 12 years ago, following 10 years experience as Gallery Director for galleries in Denver, Vail, Aspen, CO and Irvine, CA. Her educational background includes a bachelor’s degree (BA) in art history, graduate studies in art history at York University in Toronto, Canada, and a master’s degree(MA) in Museum Studies and Exhibition Design from California State University, Fullerton.

Additionally, Jeannie Denholm worked with The Broad Art Foundation (Santa Monica, CA) for over 9 years. It was through her work with The Broad Art Foundation that she became the corporate art curator for AIG-SunAmerica, Inc. and KBHome. In addition to administrating general collection management for these large collections, she continues to search out new artists and artwork for the collections. Jeannie has often been an invited guest speaker on the arts, she taught Professional Studies for senior graduating students at the Laguna College of Art + Design, and has been a guest curator for a number of gallery exhibits in California, Colorado, Santa Fe, NM, and Seattle, WA.



GYST Radio: Julie Deamer, curator, writer and fundrasier

Julie Deamer is the Founding Director of Outpost for Contemporary Art in Los Angeles where she assisted artists in developing interdisciplinary projects that are fostered through the organization’s Residency and Exchange program. She has been working within the field of contemporary visual art for twelve years as a gallery owner/director, curator, writer, educator, and fund raiser. She founded Four Walls in San Francisco in 1995 and served as its Director for 5 years. As an independent curator, she has organized numerous solo and group exhibitions both domestically and internationally.

Julie has taught at California College of the Arts in San Francisco and at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena and has served as the Development and Communications Coordinator at Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions, a non-profit arts organization.



GYST Radio: Mary McGeachy, The House of Balsamic

Interview with Mary McGeachy, VP Communications, House of Balsamic.  Opening July 20, 2011, the House of Balsamic proudly presents 'Speak For The Trees", an art exhibition curated by Jeannie Denholm.

On display are works by prominent Southern California artists expounding on trees.  Large scale installations, paintings, photographs and sculptures are included with works by : Kim Abeles, Angie Bray, Lucy Brown, Jerry Burchfield, Suvan Geer, Laura Haskell, Diana Markessinis, William K. Matthies, Astrid Preston and Gail Roberts.

Companion "Speak For The Trees" exhibits are at SCAPE, Corona del Mar and Frank M. Doyle Arts Pavilion, Orange County College, Costa Mesa CA.



GYST Radio: Alan Nakagawa

Alan Nakagawa, artist, sound composer and arts advocate, has been creating eclectic inter-disciplinary works about Los Angeles since the early 1980’s. Both as a solo artist and co-founder of LA art collective Collage Ensemble Inc., his art centers around orchestrating diverse aesthetics to afford forum and dialogue about the urban fabric, collaborative processes and multi-media experimentation. He also collaborates with Kio Griffith in the newly formed multi-media arts duo, Otonomiyaki. Nakagawa’s interests have often resulted in poetic visuals and sound works about the unique and ‘mystical’ elements of urban phenomena and its diverse ethnic populous, influences and hybrid tendencies.

Often using language and ethnic pop symbolism, Nakagawa has consistently created work about personal utopia, urban myth, and social dynamics crafted in his inherent collage style of eclectic sound, soulful imagery and observational text.


Devon Tsuno, artist, curator, educator

Born in 1980 in Los Angeles. Educated at Claremont (MFA) & Cal State Long Beach (BFA).  Studio in Echo Park. Lives in Highland Park / Mt.Washington. Adjunct faculty at Cal State Long Beach, University of La Verne, Cypress College & CSSSA@ Cal Arts teaching painting, drawings, color theory. On an above average day I trek across the city at night on my bike, fly fish at the L.A. River and enjoying a cold Mt.Dew.




GYST Radio: Grace Kook-Anderson, curator

Grace Kook-Anderson received her B.A. in Art History (2000) and Art Practice (2001) from the University of California, Berkeley, and received her M.A. in Curatorial Practice (2007) from the California College of the Arts, San Francisco. She was a co-founder of InSitu, a curatorial collaborative (2007). Her curatorial projects focus on contemporary art with an emphasis on the investigation of place and social change.

At Laguna Art Museum, Kook-Anderson has curated OsCene 2010; Jeremy Fish: Weathering the Storm; Sean Duffy: Searcher; and currently on display, Lita Albuquerque: Emergence. She is the curator for Best Kept Secret: UCI and the Development of Contemporary Art in Southern California, 1964-1971 opening this fall in conjunction with Getty’s Pacific Standard Time Initiative.


GYST Radio: CJ Casciotta, President of Create Culture

CJ Casciotta is a brand architect, writer, artist, and creative pioneer with a passion for raising a new generation of innovative leaders and forward thinkers. He is the president of CREATE CULTURE, the founder of SOUNDS LIKE A MOVEMENT, and writes for RELEVANT Magazine. CJ has consulted organizations like Whole Foods, The Salvation Army, INO Records, & ROCKHARBOR, and has been featured on MTV, VH1, and JCTV. Apart from being a self-proclaimed "vinyl junkie," CJ helps organizations and individuals rethink community by using new media techniques to connect their passions to people through 'social rhythms.'



GYST Radio: Lamia Larkin, Editor in Chief OC Arts and Culture

Lamia Larkin is currently the Editor in Chief of the online magazine OC Arts & Culture, a site focusing on promoting the arts in the Orange County area. She is also a contemporary mixed media artist and has been a part of several art performances in Southern California, including a performance piece with Mary Kelly called “Flashing Nipple Happening” which was a part of the OCMA 2008 California Biennale. And finally, she is a contributing writer for the pop culture website Lost At E Minor, where she writes mainly about low brow artists from all over the world.

Lamia Larkin was born and raised in Orange County California, and is the eldest of five daughters. In 2008 she graduated from Chapman University with a BFA in Studio Art, and has since interned at the Orange County Museum of Art, TA at Fullerton College,  done freelance writing, curated art shows at Mesa Lounge and Chapman University, and was the Casting Director for the local TV show Turning The Verge. low brow artists from all over the world.



GYST Radio: Nery Gabriel Lemus, artist

A native of Southern California, Nery Gabriel Lemus was born in Los Angeles, in 1977. Raised from immigrant parents of Guatemala, he grew up with a bi-cultural experience, which has informed the subject matter in his practice. Within his work, he addresses themes that stem from his experiences growing up as an inner city youth, particularly cross-cultural polemics. Lemus received his BFA at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, California (2007) and his MFA at the California Institute of the Arts in Valencia, California (2009). Lemus also attended the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture in Maine (2008). He currently teaches at the Armory Center for the Arts.

His work has been featured is several group exhibitions including, OZ: New Offerings From Angel City at Museo Regional Guadalajara in Jalisco, Mexico, Common Ground at the California African American Museum and The Seventh House, at Project Row Houses, Houston. Lemus has also had solo shows at Steve Turner Contemporary and Charlie James Gallery in Los Angeles.



GYST Radio: Photographer, Olivier Pojzman and Shannon Patton, Gallery Director, the KONA Gallery and Photojournalism Center

Interviews with Fine Art Photographer, Olivier Pojzman and Shannon Patton, Gallery Director, the KONA Gallery and Photojournalism Center. 

On April 23rd, KONA Gallery debuted Pojzman's ROUTE 66: Menage a Trois.  The exhibit came about from Pojzman’s love of the open road, especially the iconic highway that stretches 2,400 miles, connecting eight American states. Pojzman’s keen eye has captured the quirkiness of many forgotten roadside beauties, combining snapshots to create idyllic photographic mementos.  It's a series of limited edition photographic giclees printed on canvas, in triptych form. Individual units can be mixed and exchanged, thus forming new Ménage à Trois’s.

OLIVIER POJZMAN and IRISWORK-- Trained in art and desig, originally from Paris, Pojzman came to America 15 plus years ago. He has spent his earlier career shooting celebrities and the elite for ZUMA thus, creating his high-profile commercial portfolio.

THE KONA GALLERYAND PHOTOJOURNALISM CENTER––Unveiled on October 7, 2009 by photojournalist and entrepreneur, Scott Mc Kiernan, The KONA Gallery is a space dedicated to the presentation and discourse of photojournalism.

Contact information;

Olivier Pojzman          



GYST Radio: Gigi Rosenberg- author, producer, speaker

Gigi Rosenberg is an author, speaker, coach, and workshop leader. Her book, The Artist’s Guide to Grant Writing grew out of her acclaimed professional development workshops launched in Portland, Oregon, and taught at Chicago’s Self Employment in the Arts, New York City’s Foundation Center, and throughout the Pacific Northwest.

As a writer, she explores the world’s peculiarities and paradoxes. In essays, memoir, and dramatic monologs, she scrutinizes taboos and investigates the quirks, losses, and impossible expectations of being a mother, daughter, wife, and human.

As a presentation coach, she draws on her background in writing, visual art, theater, and corporate communications to coach business people and artist entrepreneurs. Her workshop Make a Great Presentation has been featured at Microsoft, Mercy Corps NW, and the University of Portland’s Center for Entrepreneurship. She has taught Give a Good Reading at Seattle’s Richard Hugo House, Lewis and Clark College, and Seattle’s BizArt Conference.

Born in New York City to professional visual artist parents, Gigi grew up there and in Boston. At McGill University in Montreal she studied psychology and English literature and graduated with a degree in anthropology.



GYST Radio: Laura Zabel, ED of Springboard for the Arts

Laura Zabel is the Executive Director of Springboard for the Arts, in St. Paul, MN.
At a time when many arts nonprofits are struggling, under Laura Zabel’s leadership Springboard for the Arts has actually doubled its budget and funding in the past five years. She spearheaded the creation of a health care program for artists, lifted the group’s profile nationally and — crucially for future development, supporters say — positioned the organization as an economic-development force, as well as a cultural resource that has served 60,000 artists and groups in the Midwest.

In 2005, Laura received one of five national Emerging Leader scholarships from Americans for the Arts. She also serves on the city of St. Paul’s Cultural Star Program board, and is an actor who has worked with companies such as Theatre in the Round and the Brave New Workshop.


GYST Radio: Julie Orser, video artist extraordinaire

Julie Orser was born in Chicago in 1974. She earned an MFA in Studio Art from California Institute of the channel installations have exhibited at a variety of museums and venues , like the Museum of Modern Art (New York), Changing Role Gallery (Rome), Steve Turner Contemporary (Los Angeles), Rosamund Felsen Gallery (Los Angeles, REDCAT (Los Angeles), Bemis Center for Contemporary Arts (Omaha), Santa Barbara Contemporary Arts Forum, The Armory Center for the Arts (Pasadena), Indianapolis Museum of Contemporary Art, Cheekwood Museum of Art (Nashville). And in film Festivals like,  Ann Arbor Film Festival,  Film Festival, and Dallas Video Festival.

Orser is a recipient of the 2010 Fellowship for Emerging Visual Artists from the California Community Foundation and the 2009 Investing in Artists Grant from the Center for Cultural Innovation. In 2006 Julie co-founded ART OFFICE for Film & Video to connect, curate, share and show artists working in time-based media. Julie currently lives in Los Angeles where she is the New Genres Lab Supervisor in the Department of Art at UCLA.


GYST Radio: Karl Erickson, E.D. of Dumbo Arts Center

Karl Erickson brings a passion for contemporary art combined with years of experience in non-profit arts management and programming to Dumbo Arts Center. Recently Erickson was the Director for the Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art in New York. Prior to moving to New York, he served as the Director of the Fellows of Contemporary Art, a philanthropic arts organization, and as the Program Coordinator for Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions. Notable accomplishments include stabilizing the programming and operations of MoCCA, launching a new program for emerging curators at FOCA entitled “Curator’s Lab” and organizing a variety of cross-media and -genre works at LACE, such as the Voice-Overs series, as well as being the co-founder of Cakewalk Magazine. Erickson is also an artist whose interests include language, transcendental experiences, and counter-cultures throughout the ages.



Cole Harmonson, Author, Pre Middle Age: 40

Interview with Cole Harmonson, Author, Pre Middle Age: 40 Lessons in Growing the Hell Up.



GYST Radio: Joseph S. Lewis III, Dean UCI's Claire Trevor

Interview w/Joseph S. Lewis III, Dean UCI's Claire Trevor School of the Arts 


GYST Radio: Arts for LA

Arts for LA helps communities throughout Los Angeles County advocate for greater investment in the arts. Our mission is to foster a healthy environment in which arts and culture in the region may thrive and be accessible to all in Los Angeles.


GYST Radio: Alyson Pou, Creative Captial

Alyson Pou has been with Creative Capital since 1999 and has played a key role in the development of the Artist Services and Professional Development Programs. Prior to this, she was the Director of Programming and Public Relations at Creative Time Inc. from 1985 to 1997. Alyson Pou has been making installation and performance work for more than 20 years. With a background in visual art, dance and writing, her work combines movement, text and objects. She has performed, exhibited and lectured at museums, galleries, art centers and colleges around the country. She is the recipient of a New York Dance and Performance "Bessie" Award in the Choreographer/Creator category. She has taught performance art history and production at New York University, Cooper Union, The New School, Williams College and Smith College.



GYST Radio: Andrea Harris-McGee, Curator

Interview with Andrea Harris-McGee, Curator, "The Art of Melvin Sokolsky", OC Arts Pavilion in conjunction with Month of Photography LA.



GYST Radio: Diane Olson-Bush, multimedia artist

Diane Olson-Bush is an artist: photographer, videographer, installation/public art guru and exhibiting grantee from Buffalo, NY.



GYST Radio: M.A. Greenstein, Ph.D, and CEO of GGI


The George Greenstein Institute Inc. is a 21st century neuroconsulting lab registered in the States of California and Colorado. They are dedicated to advancing the daring art & science of whole-brain, whole-body learning, living and leadership. An internationally recognized author, researcher, whole systems thought leader and creative coach, GGI Founder & “Chief Brainiac,” Dr. G. has dedicated her life long energies to advancing the art & neuroscience of creative problem-solving.



GYST Radio: Ronni Kimm

Ronni Kimm is an artist, organizer, editor,and educator based in NY and LA. She is the director of ART2012, a non-profit arts initiative in Los Angeles.


GYST Radio: Cat Jimenez, photographer

Cat Jimenez is Co-Founder of the Month of Photography Los Angeles, Executive Director of the Lucie Foundation, and a photographer.



GYST Radio: Lynn Basa

Lynn Basa is an artist and author of “The Artist’s Guide to Public Art: How to Find and Win Commissions.”



GYST Radio: Terence McFarland

Terence McFarland is the Executive Director of LA Stage Alliance in Los Angeles, CA.




GYST Radio: Presenting Yourself and Non-profit spaces as Venues

Presenting yourself and your work is so important. Hear some tips about this and some info on how Non-profits/artist run spaces serve as venues for your work.



GYST Radio: Presentation Venues: Museums

The Pros and Con of showing your work in a Museum.



GYST Radio: Presentation Venues: Commercial Galleries

The Pros and Cons of Commerical Galleries.



GYST Radio: Linda Vallejo: grant writer, artist, consultant, trainer

Linda Vallejo has been an artist, consultant, grant writer, and trainer for over 30 years and has secured over $30 million dollars for diverse clients across the nation.



GYST Radio: Writer's Block

Here's a few tips on how to deal with the ways to write about your work when you are stuck.



GYST Radio: Time Management

Get some pointers in how to make appropriate changes to activities to increase productivity and eliminate wasted time.



GYST Radio: David Andrew Frey from Culture Hall

Culturehall is a curated online resource for contemporary art where selected artists can share their work with curators, gallerists, collectors and other artists. Culturehall provides free artist portfolios with an easy to use set of web-based tools to make presenting art online simple and efficient. The Culturehall community of artists consists primarily of MFA graduates, arts professionals and teaching artists. Membership is available by invitation or application. For more information visit



GYST Radio: Emily Hopkins, ED of Side Street Projects

Interview with Emily Hopkins, Executive Director of Side Street Projects, about the arts non-profit, its impact in the community and stamp on arts nonprofits.



GYST Radio: Michael Grodsky

Interview with Michael Grodsky, musician, former professor, founder of Aquarius Financial and Insurance Services, and volunteer CFO of Side Street Projects, a non-profit organization.



GYST Radio: Side Street Projects talks to Olga Koumoundouros

Side Street Projects interviews Olga Koumoundouros about living as an artist. Olga lives and works in Los Angeles, California.



GYST Radio: Elana Mann

An interview with Los Angeles based artist Elana Mann, who chats with us about her art practice and her performance art.



GYST Radio: What do curators want? with Kristi Engle

Side Street Projects chats with Kristi Engle, owner of Kristi Engle gallery in Los Angeles, CA, USA.



GYST Radio: What do curators want? with Julie Deamer

Side Street Projects chats with Julie Deamer, founder of Outpost Gallery in Los Angeles, CA, USA


GYST Radio: What Do Curators Want? with Jeff Poe

Side Street Projects chats with Jeff Poe, of Blum and Poe Gallery in Los Angeles, CA. USA.



GYST Radio: What Do Curators Want? with Irene Tsatsos

Side Street Projects interviews independent curator Irene Tsatsos, former director of Los Angeles Contemporary Exhibitions (LACE) in Los Angeles, CA, USA.


GYST Radio: What do curators want? with Aram Moshayedi

Side Street Projects chats with curator Aram Moshayedi who works at LAX Art in Los Angeles, CA, USA.



GYST Radio: What do curators want? with Aimee Chang

Side Street Projects chats with curator Aimee Chang from the Hammer Museum in Los Angeles, CA, USA.


GYST Radio: What do curators want? with Lisa Melandri

Lisa Melandri chats with Side Street Projects about what do curators want? Lisa is a curator at the Santa Monica Museum of Art in Santa Monica, CA, USA.



GYST Radio: Fundraising Without Writing Grants

Fundraising for your next art project can be tough, as there are not a lot of grants available for individual artists. Here are some ideas you can tweak, alter and improve in order to raise funds without writing a grant.