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GYST Radio is a resource for all information on the business of art, hybrid careers and other DIY strategies for a successful career in the arts. We believe that artists should define their own careers on their own terms, and we provide the necessary tools and resources for doing so. We have great resources for artists but this radio broadcast concentrates on DIY artists, independent curators and arts organizations that support artists. Instead of waiting to be validated by a "gate keeper" come and find out strategies for doing it yourself here. We also post relevant content from other providers, so enjoy.

GYST DO IT! is hosted by independent curator  Kara Tomé.


GYST DO IT! With Kira Vollman of ARK

ARK Arts inhabits a multi-use building with an art gallery, four artists' studios and a concert/performance space, located in Altadena, CA. Artist Kira Vollman and her husband Robert Deblasis purchased and renovated the building and began programming events in spring of 2015. 

Kira converses about the challenges and satisfactions of being an artist who creates in a multi-disciplinary mode, about running a creative business, and about engaging the Los Angeles community.

ARK web site:

ARK facebook:


GYST DO IT! with Museum of Broken Relationships

Guest is Alex Hyde, Director of The Museum of Broken Relationships. 

The Museum of Broken Relationships grew from a traveling exhibition revolving around the concept of failed relationships and their ruins. Unlike 'destructive' self-help instructions for recovery from failed loves, the Museum offers a chance to overcome an emotional collapse through creation: by contribution to the Museum's collection. Conceptualized in Croatia in 2010, the Museum has since toured internationally in 20 cities so far, amassing an amazing collection.

The Los Angeles location on Hollywood Boulevard was openend in May of 2016 by John B. Quinn. 

The Museum of Broken Relationships puts the stories of real people on display with an item related to their failed relationships. These personal stories reflect the entire spectrum of break-ups, from the devilishly funny to the traumatic tales of lost love. The collection shows how we all share the same problems, no matter our nationality or background.



GYST DO IT! with the Association of Hysteric Curators

The Association of Hysteric Curators was founded in August of 2014 as a fluid, evolving, trans-generational group of women who gather bi-weekly to discuss contemporary feminism and the historicity of the term.

AHC seeks to explore notions of female protest and the presence of gendered articulations through a non-hierarchical structure based in dialogue and exchange. Their curatorial agenda, also based in research, is to spread and break down barriers, expanding and amplifying the space for women in society.

Guest on the show is are members Lili Bernard, Mary Anna Pomonis and Allison Stewart. 

Current AHC artists are: Virginia Arce, Malado Baldwin, Chelle Barbour, Lili Bernard, Carolyn Castaño, Angel Chen, Armando Cortes, Cherie Benner Davis, Rachel Finkelstein, Nat George, Christine Dianne Guiyangco, Hazel Handan, Emma Kemp, Isabelle Ludderodt, Meg Madison, Mary Anna Pomonis, Cindy Rehm, Kim Russo, Diana Sofia-Estrada, Allison Stewart, Guita Tahmassebi, Michiko Yao, and Alice Yoon.

ACH logo designed by Carolyn Castaño

ACH Facebook page:

ACH Tumbler:



Our guest is artist, curator and educator Ichiro Irie, who runs JAUS gallery in Los Angeles. 

Opening its doors in September of 2009, JAUS continues its mission towards delivering curatorial projects, by both in-house and outside curators, with an ample range of themes, genres, and media by artists from around the world in diverse stages of their careers. From 2014, JAUS has focused primarily on solo and two-person exhibitions.


GYST DO IT! with Ms Barbers

Ms Barbers is an artist-run gallery in the West Adams neighborhood of Los Angeles, co-founded by Anton Leiberman, Becky Kolsrud, Kiki Johnson and Dustin Metz, and includes artists Alida Berden, Catherine Fairbanks and Conner Fields.

Guests on the show Kiki and Dustin talk about how and why the space was started one year ago, as well as the shared curatorial vision of the group.


GYST DO IT! with the Director of NEVERMORE METRO Immersive Arts Festival

Our guest is Brian Sonia-Wallace, the artistic director and co-producer of the NEVERMORE METRO Immersive Arts Festival, an all-day event on Oct 29, 2016 exploring the East San Fernando Valley along METRO’s Orange Line. Through the Festival, registered audience members travel on METRO, either as a guided tour or a choose-your-own-adventure, to literary performance spaces throughout the day. 30 of LA's best diverse voices, including Los Angeles Poet Laureate Luis J. Rodriguez, will participate.

In the world of NEVERMORE, special sites off the Orange Line are transformed by poets and the escaped works of Edgar Allan Poe, which have mingled with local legends and Mexican folklore. It is up to the audience to lay these poems to rest and release Poe’s spirit.

NEVERMORE is a project of Theatre Magnet, a subsidiary of Artist Magnet, and RENT Poet, in partnership with the Eclectic Company Theatre. 


GYST DO IT! with Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles (TSALA)

Guests on the show are three of the artist members of Tiger Strikes Asteroid Los Angeles (TSA LA). Vanessa Chow, Carl Baratta and Christopher Ulivo. 

Tiger Strikes Asteroid is a network of artist-run spaces with locations in Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles. Each space is independently operated and focuses on presenting a varied program of emerging and mid-career artists. The goal of TSA is to collectively bring people together, expand connections and build community through artist-initiated exhibitions, projects, and curatorial opportunities.

TSA exhibitions and projects have been featured in numerous print and online publications including The New York Times, Art F City, Hyperallergic, The Huffington Post, L Magazine, Whitehot Magazine, The Philadelphia Inquirer, Two Coats of Paint, Artinfo, Artnet News, Beautiful Decay, and the artblog.

Host: Kara Tomé

Bert Rodriguez works within a wide range of media including installation, performance, photography, sculpture, film, video, and sound, to translate ideas that explore the relationship between art and audience.

He created The Bert Rodriguez Museum as an art project that adopts all of the institutional tropes of a museum, to serve as a collection of art and artifacts surrounding the artist’s life. The museum is in his home and is open to the public by appointment.

Bert’s latest project was a series of curated performances and workshops at the FORM festival at Arcosanti, the famous experimental, communal town in the Arizona desert. His next project involves his (conceptual) death, with a transformation into an artist with a new first name, who’s artwork will be based on the life work of Bert Rodriguez.

Rodriguez’s work has been shown widely, nationally and abroad, including exhibitions at several prestigious institutions, including the Miami Art Museum, the Bass Museum of Art, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Rubell Family Collection, the Kemper Museum of Art and, the Bronx Museum. He lives and works in Los Angeles, CA.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.

GYST DO IT! With Sarah Peters and her Floating Library Project

Sarah Peters is an artist, writer, arts administrator and public art project creator, based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her passion project, The Floating Library, explores the underused amenity of the urban lake as a civic and creative place for public engagement.  The Floating Library is a boat stocked with artist-made books that has floated in lakes around Minneapolis and in Los Angeles, in the man-made Echo Park Lake, as part of the L.A. Art Book Fair. 

For the past six years Sarah has been part of the team that produces and organizes the annual one-night public art event Northern Spark, which draws thousands of people for a dusk to dawn festival that activates the entire city through participatory art projects and performances.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.


GYST DO IT! With artist, teacher and double business owner Erica Larsen-Dockray

Santa Clarita Valley Adventure Play 

Santa Clarita Valley Adventure Play 

Erica Larsen-Dockray is an interdisciplinary artist and animator, teacher, double business owner, freelance graphic designer and web developer. She co-founded Calibraska Arts Initiative, a summer program bringing artists from California to small town Western Nebraska (where she is originally from) to teach multi-generational arts workshops.

Erica is adjunct faculty at her alma mater CalArts, in the Film/Video School’s experimental animation program, and a teaching artist at Inner-City Arts in Los Angeles, in media arts and animation for 2nd-12th graders.

Visit for more information on Erica's art.

Her latest venture is launching SCV Adventure Play with her husband Jeremiah, creating spaces for children and adults which facilitate self-directed and unstructured play. They are currently developing a permanent play park in Santa Clarita Valley and planning a conference for the training of play workers. Visit SCV Adventure Play .

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.

GYST DO IT! With artist and independent curator Thinh Nguyen

Self Imposed by Thinh Nguyen

Self Imposed by Thinh Nguyen

Thinh Nguyen is a Vietnamese American artist living in Los Angeles, where he maintains an active visual and performance art practice, informed by his emigration and subsequently formed transnational and non-binary gender and sexual orientation. His work takes the forms of social intervention, performance, sculptural installation, video, and works on paper.

As a cultural developer Thinh has brought arts exhibitions and activities to Los Angeles and Orange Counties. He helped initiate the Long Beach and Fullerton Art Walks and activated the emerging art scene in Hawthorne through founding thinhstudio, which encompasses his business and curatorial practices.  He also founded a curatorial program called Videotag and is planning to invigorate the San Pedro artistic hub in the coming year.

Thinh received his MFA from Claremont Graduate University in 2011 and has exhibited internationally. He has also presented interventions at the Guggenheim Museum, The New Museum, Museum of Modern Art, New York, Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles, and others.  

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.

 Leyna Lightman spent the past decade in museum education departments designing events, curriculum and digital content for institutions like the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art and The Broad Art Museum at Michigan State University.

These days she works independently in Los Angeles curating live programs with partners like the Craft and Folk Art Museum, Big City Forum, Community Arts Resources, local artists and innovative food producers like Craftsman Brewing, Maximiliano, and the Los Angeles Bread Bakers. 

Leyna's events often focus around food, especially bread, and she organizes bread-making workshops and public bread bakes. She also teaches kids through her Pint Sized Maker Society, with innovative workshops exploring the intersection of art, science and food.

To find out more, visit her web site and read her cooking blog Dispatches from my Lala Kitchen

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.


GYST DO IT! With Jason Ramos of ESXLA and Rachael Gorchov of TSA in NY

Guests are artists Jason Ramos and Rachael Gorchov. Jason and Rachael talk about having a diversified artistic practice that includes being deeply committed to and involved in artist-run initiatives. 

Jason founded (along with artists Michelle Carla Handel and Molly Shea) and directs Eastside International (ESXLA), an artist-run contemporary art space and international artist residency based in downtown Los Angeles. ESXLA hosts artists to live, work, and immerse themselves in the local art community. ESXLA’s exhibition program features local, national, and international emerging and established artists in a non-commercial alternative venue.

Rachael Gorshov was an artist in residence at ESXLA in 2014. She is a member of Tiger Strikes Asteroid (TSA) in New York. TSA is a network of artist-run spaces with locations in Philadelphia, New York, and Los Angeles. Each space is independently operated and presents a program of emerging and mid-career artists. The goal is to collectively bring people together, expand connections and build community through artist-initiated projects.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.

Artists Blake Whitaker and Zachary Taylor took over an empty storefront to create an exhibition space as an art project, which they called The Los Feliz Museum of Contemporary Art. The artists grabbed the opportunity to temporarily utilize a space in a prime location in the Los Feliz area of Los Angeles, next door to a popular neighborhood bar. 

Employing the tropes of institutional language for the project's web site, they named themselves “artists-in-residence” and curated a show of their art work. Promoting on social media, they hosted an opening, with live music and a performance. The artists discuss their thought process in creating the pop-up show, the excitement and challenges of being artists in Los Angeles, and the opportunities for those who create DIY art shows. 

Visit the project's website at

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.

"Red Wheelbarrow"     2016 -haikussemblage- by Kio Griffith   (aluminum, foil, photographic prints, Bakelite, cloth tape, acrylic, plant support, strainer)

"Red Wheelbarrow" 2016 -haikussemblage- by Kio Griffith
(aluminum, foil, photographic prints, Bakelite, cloth tape, acrylic, plant support, strainer)

Kio Griffith is a Los Angeles-based, continent-crossing, artist, curator, writer, performer, presenter, and collaborator extraordinaire. He is deeply involved in several artist collectives that put on exhibitions and events in a DIY modality, the guiding principle being to value the power of direct engagement between artists and audiences.

Kio is the founder and/or core member of Cafemode, Durden and RayTYPE (Tokyo+Yokohama Projects Exchange)ARTRA Curatorial and MAS (Mutual Appreciation Society) ATTACK. In the year 2015 he was involved in more than 60 exhibitions and projects in Los Angeles, nationally and internationally, especially in Japan. Kio also presents experimental, improvisational music performances in alternative venues and has designed more than 300 album covers through his art/design/music platform 9rpm  

Kio can also be found promoting all of his on Facebook

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.


GYST DO IT! With Leonardo Bravo of Big City Forum

Leonardo Bravo is the founder of Big City Forum, an independent, interdisciplinary project that encourages explorations and exchanges between various creative disciplines. 

Big City Forum (BCF), founded in 2008 by Los Angeles-based artist, educator, and activist Leonardo Bravo, explores the intersection between design-based creative disciplines within the context of public space, the built environment, and social engagement.

Through dozens of symposiums, forums, exhibitions, and special events, held all over the city of Los Angeles, BCF has been providing public access to forward-thinking projects, panels, exhibitions and workshops that has brought hundreds of artists, activists, scholars, architects, urban planners, and creative thinkers together in dialogue and collaborative art making. 

Follow BCF on Blogspot: and Facebook: 

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.

GYST DO IT! With Future Tongue

Future Tongue is a collective, started by Britt Harrison and B. Justine Jaime in 2015 as a platform for artists seeking to engage and connect within the active creative community of Los Angeles. Aspiring to work as an open door for communication between a multitude of thinkers, makers and doers, Future Tongue organizes pop-up exhibitions and events, produces filmed studio visits and interviews, and publishes constructive critique.

Visit Future Tongue online

GYST DO IT! was created by independent curator Kara Tomé for GYST Radio. GYST-Ink is an artist-run company providing information and technology solutions created by artists for artists. GYST is dedicated to empowering and educating artists so that they can develop sustainable and successful careers on their own terms.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.


GYST DO IT! With Casey Kauffmann of @UncannySFValley

From Casey Kauffman Instagram

From Casey Kauffman Instagram

Casey Kauffmann is an artist who embraced the open and immediate platform of the internet by creating an on-line practice to make and instantly share her artwork. @UncannySFValley is an Instagram stream comprised of digital collages, created using only an IPhone4 and a variety of apps. Using pictures selected from her archive of thousands of images stored from Tumblr and Google, the collages, and the interactions with other users, are intended to engage with and reflect upon the internet culture of infinite consumption and insatiable need for validation from others.

Follow Casey on Instagram: @uncannysfvalley

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.


GYST DO IT! With Bernard Leibov of BoxoPROJECTS

Founded by artist/curator Bernard Leibov in 2009, BoxoPROJECTS is a multi-program arts initiative based in Joshua Tree, California, dedicated to exploring contemporary art at the new frontier.

BoxoPROJECTS is interested in the role of art and artists in creating community and in the power of art to shape the destiny of communities. Artist residencies and related programming are offered at BoxoHOUSE, as well as exhibitions, installations and performances in various locations. 

GYST Radio host Kara Tomé visited Boxo over Memorial Day weekend 2015 for the inaugural Joshua Treenial, a series of site-responsive installations and performances by 60 artists at 5 venues throughout the Joshua Tree area. During this episode, she describes her "desert A-HA moment" and talks with Bernard about his motivation for living, working and creating community in a place that is, both literally and figuratively, on the edge.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.

GYST DO IT! With Durden & Ray

Durden & Ray is an artist collective comprised of 22 artist/curator members who work together to create exhibition opportunities at gallery spaces around the world. In May of 2015 they opened a permanent gallery space in Downtown Los Angeles.

The Durden & Ray model overlaps multiple strategies, including the democratic structure of an artists’ group, the potential to create collaborative works of art as a collective, and and the shared fiscal support of its programs by group members and partnering organizations. 

Durden & Ray concentrate on small, tightly curated group shows, organized by the members, as well as the hosting of international artists and exhibiitons as part of their commitment to global exchange and alternative networks.

Guests on the show are Max Presniell, Claudia Parducci and Tom Dunn.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.


GYST DO IT! With Allison Wyper of Rhizomatic Arts

Allison Wyper is an interdisciplinary performance artist who resides in Los Angeles. She founded Rhizomatic Arts to implement her vision of a holistic approach to creative sustainability. Wyper achieves this through the presentation of and collaboration with art projects, performances, and professional development workshops that support the cultural eco-system and cultivate networks in which these communities can interconnect and thrive.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.


GYST DO IT! With Amanda Katz of Katz's Deli

Artist and poet Amanda Katz is expanding the term "artist residency" through innovative approaches to collaborative projects.

Katz’s Deli is a micro-residency and discussion-based exhibition program led by the artist out of her Los Angeles studio. Invited artists write contracts with Katz’s Deli to delineate the needs of their project and explore the limits of collaborative practice. As a site to realize and discuss temporary projects, programming is focused on installation, performance, and participatory works. 

Each iteration culminates in a Saturday brunch opening, and attendees are asked to bring a text for exchange with one another and inclusion in the Katz’s Deli Archive.  

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.


GYST DO IT! With Manual History Machines

Rema Ghuloum ,  Could See Right Through You , 2013. oil, spray-paint, house paint, foam, on painted wood, 42 x 48 x 15.5 inches overall

Rema Ghuloum,  Could See Right Through You, 2013. oil, spray-paint, house paint, foam, on painted wood, 42 x 48 x 15.5 inches overall

Manual History Machines is a curatorial collective comprised of artists Daniela Campins, Rema Ghuloum, Bessie Kunath, and Tessie Whitmore.

Established in 2012, these four friends came together to curate annual exhibitions and projects with the goal of creating dialogue with other artists, communities, and the public.  

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.


GYST DO IT! With The Pit

Guests Adam D. Miller and Devon Oder founded The Pit in 2014 as a creative exhibition space focused on emerging and mid-career Los Angeles based artists, with shows running every eight weeks. 

The Pit is housed in a 600 square foot bay in Glendale, CA. Formerly a section of a mechanic’s auto shop, the space adjoins both artists’ studios.  Supplemental publications are designed and printed in-house on a Risograph printer. Limited artist editions are created and sold in conjunction with all exhibitions.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.


GYST DO IT! With Curate L.A.

Shelley Holcomb is the co-creator of Curate L.A., an interactive web platform that gives users an easy tool to keep track of art openings, exhibitions and events in the city.

Los Angeles is a sprawling, continually evolving cultural landscape with a thriving art scene offering an abundance of museums, galleries, art events, auction houses, and arts districts.

Set up as a map, Curate L.A. is populated with more then 400 venues pinned with active links, so the site helps users keep track of what is going on in any neighborhood. It also encourages the discovery of venues throughout the city, whether it’s an established museum, or a brand-new alternative space.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.





GYST DO IT! with The Idea Truck

The Idea Truck, a restored and customized taco truck

The Idea Truck, a restored and customized taco truck

Artist Lorri Deyer talks about her project The Idea Truck, a restored and customized taco truck that she drives around the city of Los Angeles, and the only thing on the menu is IDEAS.  The truck is parked in a public place and passers-by are asked to give her an idea of theirs, in exchange for another.

Lorri's work challenges viewers to examine the unconsidered aspects of their immediate surroundings. She has been working in the public realm, and exhibiting her work, since receiving her MFA in 2009 from California State University.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.





GYST DO IT! with South of Sunset


South of Sunset is an exhibition and performance space in Echo Park founded in August of 2013 by  Elizabeth DiGiovanni and Megan Dudley.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.





GYST DO IT! With the Women's Center for Creative Work

The Women’s Center for Creative Work (WCCW) was founded in 2013 by Katie Bachler, Kate Johnston, and Sarah Williams as a collaboration of Los Angeles-based women engaged in conversations about contemporary feminisms of all kinds.

Through a variety of inclusive programming the WCCW strives to feed a dialogue surrounding feminism, femininity, womanhood and the creative impulse.

Without a permanent space, the WCCW is engaged in a Year Long Laboratory, hosting a nomadic series of workshops and pop-ups, as well as The Women’s Dinner, which is the cornerstone of the WCCW.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.





GYST DO IT! With Alexandra Shabtai of SPArt

Guest is Alexandra Shabtai, founder of SPArt, a new funding initiative that supports Los Angeles-based Social Practice Art projects. SPArt provides financial resources to artists who intend to create social change through socially engaged art.

In 2014, SPArt awarded inaugural grants of $10,000 each to three artists whose proposed projects engage audiences, promote participation, and foster social change. Grantees were Christina Sanchez for her project Cocina Abierta (Open Kitchen), Kenyatta A.C. Hinkle for her project the Kentifrican Museum of Culture: Re-imagining Identity, and Dorit Cypis for her project Conflict Revolution.

Hosted by Kara Tomé, GYST Radio Manager and Independent Curator.  GYST DO IT! promotes artists and creatives who take the initiative to present innovative arts programming for the public through starting a collaborative, an independent space or a non-profit organization.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.








TRACTIONARTS is a video venue in the heart of the Arts District in downtown Los Angeles. Videos are rear projected in the street-facing window of artist Ken Marchionno’s studio for the public to view in the evening hours. He started curating this very alternative space in 2013 to expose the community to new and interesting video art.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.





GYST DO IT! with Molly Shea of Hiatus

"Please Release Me" Performance by Molly Jo Shea

"Please Release Me" Performance by Molly Jo Shea

Hiatus is a recurring performance art series created and curated by artist Molly Shea at Eastside International (formerly Raid Projects in downtown Los Angeles).  Molly ran a similar series called Dutch Door within her studio space at Raid, before she got access to the main space. Hiatus' themed events will occur during the time between exhibitions and are often one-night shows featuring artists who create time-based work and are pushing the boundaries of genre.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.





GYST DO IT! With Corrie Siegel of Star Tours

Corrie Siegel,   Network Map, In Progress   (detail), ink on paper. Star Tours, Los Angeles-wide. 17 x 21″.

Corrie Siegel, Network Map, In Progress (detail), ink on paper. Star Tours, Los Angeles-wide. 17 x 21″.

Corrie Siegel is an artist, curator and educator committed to using the arts as a method of personal philosophic exploration and a tool for community building.

Her projects have been profiled in the Los Angeles Times, Mouse Magazine, and Flash Art International. She has partnered with the LA Philharmonic, LA County Museum of Art, Barnsdall Art Center, Armory Center for the Arts, and the Corita Art Center to create and implement cultural educational programming. She is currently a Six Points Fellow.

Her recent project, Star Tours, was a participatory exhibition located within a 16 foot truck, which traveled to sites throughout Los Angeles. Star Tours was a nomadic initiative intended to draw connections between local communities and cross-cultural narratives of the Jewish Diaspora. Her exhibited work referenced cartography, graffiti and Los Angeles iconography to explore identity and place. Visitors were invited to participate in the project in a variety of ways.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.





GYST DO IT! with 11:11 A Creative Collective

11:11 AC Gallery

11:11 AC Gallery

Guests are Addy Renteria and Erin Stone, founders of the 11:11 Collective, whose mission is to make the San Fernando Valley in California become a strong and independent artistic community and a flourishing destination for innovative art.

Since 2009 the collective's exhibitions and events have seen tremendous growth and they are in the process of becoming a non-profit organization to facilitate even greater success. 

The Fill in the Blank project is their new catalyst for supporting artists in the creation of major murals throughout the valley, with community support.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.





GYST DO IT! With The Los Angeles Museum of Art

Los Angeles Museum of Art in Echo Park

Los Angeles Museum of Art in Echo Park

Alice Konitz talks about her art project, the Los Angeles Museum of Art, located just outside her studio in Echo Park. As an extension of her sculptural practice, she built the 13 foot long structure to house site-specific installations by fellow artists.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.





GYST DO IT! With On the Road Project

Guests are Danielle Rago and James Michael Tate, two of the originators of On the Road Project.

On the Road (OtR) is a yearlong series of exhibitions and conversations that highlights contemporary architectural practice in Los Angeles. OtR is a platform for new ways of thinking and making that engages both a discipline and culture with contemporary ideas about architecture, design, and art.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.





GYST DO IT! With What's On Los Angeles

What's on Los Angeles is an exhibition listing App designed for viewing on mobile devices. Created and maintained by artists Jody Zellen and Brian C. Moss as a useful tool and service for the Los Angeles arts community.

Host Kara Tomé will talk with Jody and Brian about how the idea to create this App came about, the challenges and potential rewards of creating a marketable service, and their plans for developing it further.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.





GYST DO IT! With Sharsten Plenge of We Open Art Houses (WOAH)

Work by Marcella Dvsi

Work by Marcella Dvsi

Guest: Sharsten Plenge, of We Open Art Houses (WOAH) a Los Angeles-based creative agency and idea hub transforming open spaces through ephemeral visionary projects since 2012.

WOAH envisions underutilized and off-the-grid spaces as opportunity for experimentation.  A not-for-profit initiative and sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, WOAH works in tandem with artists, multimedia brands, and property owners to orient pedestrian activity and create experiential environments in unexpected places. 

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.





GYST DO IT! With Aurora Tang of High Desert Test Sites

Yucca Crater by Nogues Studio

Yucca Crater by Nogues Studio

Body Desert: End Trails by bodycity

Body Desert: End Trails by bodycity

Interviewed on the show is Aurora Tang from High Desert Test Sites, discussing the history of the organization and the recent receipt of non-profit status after a decade of programming.

High Desert Test Sites (HDTS) supports experimental art that engages with the local environment and community. Scattered along a stretch of desert communities in and around Joshua Tree, California, HDTS provides a place for both fleeting and long-term experimental outdoor projects that challenge traditional conventions of ownership, property, and patronage. Most projects will ultimately belong to no one and are intended to melt back into the landscape as new ones emerge.

High Desert Test Sites engages in year-round programming and events including a semi-annual weekend event that invites artists to install or perform temporary projects around the area.

Sixty artists will participate in the HDTS 2013 event that will occur in Joshua Tree and travel a total 700 miles with artists projects installed all the way to Albuqurque, NM.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.





GYST DO IT! With Laura Naguera of Thank You For Coming

At Thank You For Coming: Dinner, shirtwaist blouse sale and reflective conversation

At Thank You For Coming: Dinner, shirtwaist blouse sale and reflective conversation

Guests on the show are two core members of Thank You For Coming, Laura Naguera and Blake Besharian.

TYFC is an artist-run restaurant that is home to an interdisciplinary artist residency program. Each month, a new artist is selected to work on their ideas as well as make and serve food in the context of their proposed project.

Past residencies include The Heretics Kitchen presented by artist collaborative The Order, exploring food, fiber, labor and feminist history through the presentation of famine foods – simple peasant staples of bread, potatoes, beans, vegetables, and ritual feasts. 

With Special Meal, diners chose from a menu of “last meals” requested by prisoners on death row.

Thank You for Coming is volunteer-run and also hosts workshops, performances and special events. TYFC is located in Atwater Village, Los Angeles and open Wed-Sun. for lunch and dinner.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.





GYST DO IT! With Gabriela Salazar of CAROUSEL

Artists/collaborators Gabriela Salazar and Mary Choueiter will discuss their on-going curatorial project CAROUSEL.

CAROUSEL is an exhibition experiment. It is a venue on a turntable. It is a nomad. It is an anachronism. Surpassing its time and usefulness, CAROUSEL is cheap, familiar, a little stubborn, and begging reinterpretation.

Regular one-night-only ”openings” showcase an artist and their use of a mechanical slide projector.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.






GYST DO IT! With PlantBot Genetics


Collaborating artists Wendy DesChene and Jeff Schmuki created PlantBot Genetics, a parody company that satirically looks at the possible evolution of plant species due to the consequences of modern agricultural practices, including GMO’s. The artists create public interventions featuring their hybrid, robotic plants, including ‘Monsantra,” through the PlantBot Art Lab, an eighteen-foot trailer they converted into an off-grid, mobile exhibition space and classroom; the Greenhouse Field Lab, a solar powered portable green house ‘laboratory” for site-specific education and experimentation; and gallery and museum shows. 

PlantBot has been displayed around the U.S. and the world, including in Egypt and Austria. The artists have been in residence at the McColl Center in North Carolina and the Hafnarborg Art Center in Iceland, and will create projects at the Landscape Laboratory at Buitenwerkplaats, Amsterdam and the KulttuuriKauppila Art Center in Finland.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.






GYST DO IT! With Yuval Sharon of The Industry

The Industry presents GEST: created and performed by Odeya Nini and Danuelle Agami


The Industry presents new and experimental productions that merge music, visual arts, and performance in order to expand the traditional definition of opera and create a new paradigm for interdisciplinary collaboration. The Industry aspires to be regarded on a national level for premiering the most exciting and experimental new work in the country.

Artistic Director Yuval Sharon will join host Kara Tomé in conversation about the groundbreaking company that is “reshaping L.A. opera” (Los Angeles Times)


Hosted by  Kara Tomé.







GYST DO IT! With Miranda Wright of Los Angeles Performance Practice

Miranda Wright is the founder of two innovative organizations.

The Center for Sustainable Practice in the Arts (CSPA) provides a network of resources to artists and arts organizations designed to enable sustainable practices in art making through environmentalism, economic stability, and strengthened cultural infrastructure.

Los Angeles Performance Practice is an infrastructure comprised of a network of independent artists and companies who create groundbreaking theatrical experiences through cutting-edge approaches to collaboration, technology, and social engagement.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.






GYST DO IT! With Yarn Bombing Los Angeles

Public Art by Yardbombing Los Angeles

Public Art by Yardbombing Los Angeles

Yarn Bombing Los Angeles (YBLA) is a group of guerrilla knitters who have been collaborating since 2010 to stage public installations and performances to help expand the definition of public art to include self initiated, temporal urban interventions. 

Guest Arzu Arda Kosar, a founding member of the group, will discuss the origins of the collaborative and their recent project CAFAM Granny Squared - the yarn bombing of the Craft and Folk Art Museum in Los Angeles. Over 500 crafters from 50 states and 25 countries joined to crochet 12,000 granny squares to cover the facade of the building.

The project is designed to bring together a community of artists and crafters who otherwise might not have had access to exhibit their work in a museum. After de-installation, the crocheted squares will be sewn into blankets and distributed to the residents of Skid Row.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.






GYST DO IT! With Concord/P.S. 1010 Bus Project

Guests will be members of the artist collective Concord, a trans-disciplinary collective, artist-run gallery, international residency program, and a home in Cypress Park, Los Angeles. 


Concord's two main interests have been collectivity and usership. Collectivity both as a process and an object of inquiry and usership through shows and events that engage audiences to explore, discuss, and interact rather than witness or view. As both an art project and a project space, Concord practices and provides a platform for critical models of art-making, culture-working, and community building.

The P.S. 1010 project is to convert a school bus into a mobile laboratory, gallery, and classroom. A roving gathering place for artists, teachers, and communities.

On the bus, artists will curate and create workshops, exhibitions, performances, and discussions as modes of collectively building and sharing knowledge—inviting local participants to respond and providing them with a platform to do so.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.






GYST DO IT! With Automata

John Hogan,  performance still of "First Choice" from the opening of Dialogues of Practice, Part 1 , March 14th, 2013.

John Hogan,  performance still of "First Choice" from the opening of Dialogues of Practice, Part 1 , March 14th, 2013.

Automata is dedicated to the creation, incubation, and presentation of experimental puppet theater, experimental film, and other contemporary art practices centered on ideas of artifice and performing objects.

Automata's programming seeks to radically redefine and re-contextualize the notion of object performance, locating it at the intersection of contemporary performance, media, visual art, sound art and experimental writing.

Guests on the show are co-founders/co-directors Janie Geiser and Susan Simpson and associate producer Miranda Wright.

Hosted by  Kara Tomé.