GYST Private Consultation


GYST Private Consultation


Individual Consultations with Artist and Art Educator, Karen Atkinson

If you need to chat about your art career or just want to have someone give you feedback, Karen Atkinson will meet with you in Los Angeles near her office for $50 an hour. A great way to solve a problem, find out more about art careers, get feedback on your work, or a kick in the butt, then set up an appointment.

Live outside the Los Angeles area? No problem. Karen can consult over the phone or set up a video chat with you.

If you would like to know the topics Karen Atkinson covers, see the GYST Resources Pages. You can also see Karen's bio at our About GYST page.

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How it works

1.  Please fill out the Private Consultation Request form to contact us regarding a private consultation.
2.  Upon approval of your request, you will be sent instructions on how to further proceed.
3. Once your private consultation is approved, then you can buy hour credits from our online store.  Getting your sh*t together has never been easier.
4. Don't worry.  If you do not use all of your credits, we can refund you the difference or you can save them for a future consultation.
5. Enjoy the fact that you are once step closer to getting your sh*t together.