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Art Grant and Project Proposal Review

Are you interested in a applying for a grant, but need help determining the best approach to take? Are you responding to a Request for Proposal (RFP) or Request for Qualifications (RFQ)? Whether you are an emerging artist with little or no grant experience, or you are a seasoned arts professional just seeking another set of eyes on your grant, we can help!

Being a practicing artist or arts professional means you are faced with lots of paperwork and more applications and opportunities that you may know how to manage.  Articulating your practice, projects, and other topics can be a difficult task for even the most seasoned writers.  GYST's Arts and Grant Writing consultants are seasoned professionals in both the artistic and fundraising fields.  Let us provide unique, customized assistance in order to help you better understand the organization or funder you seek support from, and get the most out of the application process.  From arts professionals who know how to navigate the application language and expectations to actual grants and award panel members, our GYST Associates can help you put your best foot forward to your reviewers.

A GYST Associate will review your grant or project application for $35.00 an hour (minimum $70.00 for first draft- a thorough initial review will take a minimum of 2 hours). They will return your draft to you with comments, suggestions and red flags to watch out for.   

Feel free to re-submit your grant or proposal after the first consultation/ review for $35.00 an hour.

How it works.

1.    Write a draft of your grant or proposal as best as you can.  Be sure to include the instructions and vital information so we know what you are applying for.  This will also include relevant links to the application site and your own artwork.  Please review our Materials Guidelines to be certain your application or proposal is thorough.

2.   Make your online payment (You must purchase a minimum of 2 hours for the first consultation) and fill out the Art Grant and Project Proposal form during checkout.

3.   Within 24 hours, a GYST Team member will send you details regarding your review (included estimated length of time of the review) and when and where to email your grant/proposal draft file.  

4.   After you have received the GYST confirmation, email your grant/proposal draft to your designated reviewer which includes all other requested information.

5. Enjoy knowing you are getting your sh*t together.

Material Guidelines:
When submitting items for review, please send the following materials.  If possible, please send all text documents as Word files.  Edits and suggestions will be made with “Track Changes”.  Images should be sent as PDFs.

For a Grant Proposal:

Organization’s RFP and/or application guidelines
Complete written proposal, along with all requested materials and images

For a Grant Proposal with no application guidelines:
If available, send the organization’s RFP along with your written proposal.  We suggest you also include the following items:

Artist Statement (250-500 words)
Artist Bio
Images/ work samples
Any Press Articles/ reviews of your work

For an Exhibition proposal of your own work:
If available, send the organization’s RFP, along with your materials.  We suggest you include the following items:

Narrative Proposal
Artist Statement (250-500 words)
Artist Bio
Images/ work samples
Any press articles/ reviews of your work

For an Exhibition Proposal of others’ work:

Narrative Proposal
Your resume
Your CV
Artist(s) Resume/ CV
Artist(s) Bio
Images/ work samples
Any related press articles/ reviews of the artist(s)’ work


Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions regarding this service.  You can fill out the question request form below or you can email directly to service@gyst-Ink.com