Upgrade Your Sh*t. 


Whether you want to upgrade from GYSTBasic to GYSTPro or you've been a loyal GYSTer and want to freshen up your old archive, this is the place to be.   If you have any questions regarding which upgrade you might need or any other related questions, please feel free to contact us at service@gyst-ink.com.


If the store asks you for an account, we recently set this up, so you will most likely need to set up a new account.


Have a version of GYSTBasic but want more?  Get an upgrade to GYSTPro 4.3.

Use this upgrade if you already have GYSTBasic software and you are ready to upgrade to the latest GYSTPro?   

Have GYSTPro (4.1 or older) but want to upgrade to the newest edition? These upgrades are for you.

Do you have an older version of GYSTPro (4.2.2 and older) and you want to upgrade to the latest and greatest? Grab this upgrade to get up-to-date.

Have GYSTPro 4.2 but want to upgrade to the newest edition? Grab our upgrade for only $29.00!

You are on High Sierra or Sierra for Mac and you need to upgrade to GYSTPro 4.5, and you already have 4.3 installed on your computer.

Is it time for an upgrade?

Want more information about the most current upgrade or compare your previous version with our latest release? 



Important Security Settings Information!

Both Mac and PC now have stringent security settings for software they don't make themselves. You may need to set this up on your computer before downloading and installing GYST. Attached here is a pdf with those instructions. You may get messages that caution you about the download, but we have scanned all our downloads and they are virus free.

We have GIFT CERTIFICATES so you can give a great gift to the artists in your life! HERE.