Registering your GYST Software

All It Takes Is A Few Minutes To Register...

You can register GYST by sending an E-mail with your full name as you will use it in your software to A registration number based on your name will be returned to you via E-mail.

You can also register by regular mail by printing out the technical support form and mailing it to:

4223 Russell Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90027-4511

Your software will install as a "read only" file until your register it. You can look at everything in the software, but you cannot use the software it until it is registered.
Once you have the registration key follow the steps below:

1. Open the GYST application.
2. Click on "Registration and Administration" button at the bottom of the Main Contents window.
3. Click on the "Register" tab at the bottom if it is not open already.
4. Click the "Register" button.
5. Fill out your first and last name exactly as you sent it to GYST to register.
6. Fill out your Company name if you will be using it (i.e. Joan Smith Studio).
7. Fill out the registration number exactly as it was sent to you (copy and past it from your email).
8. Click the "Register" button.
9. You will be prompted to enter your user name and a password twice.
10. You will then be asked to create a password reminder phrase.

TA-DA! You're registered!

IMPORTANT NOTE: If you change your legal name, you will need to resend it to GYST-Ink and re-register, along with proof of name change.